Is there a life after death?

Please write with please what you understand under ‘Life’, then maybe I can say a little more.

I suspect that something will go further that has a certain connection with you, but not with your personality.

No, everything we understand by life is ended with death.Is there an existence after death? In my opinion, with certainty: Yes! The human brain and thus man works with electricity, keyword nervous stimuli (ok, is greatly simplified). Electricity does not simply disappear. Let’s take an electrical device so I can explain what I mean. Each electrical device leaves behind electrosmog when used. It is distributed in space, larger thought, in the universe. The type and amount of electrosmog depends on the device and the frequency of use. Thus, transferred to humans, one might suspect the emotions that affect the radiation of human energy. Electrosmog can be detected by sensitive people. I explain to myself ghosts in this way: a person is forced to perform at peak levels in the brain due to emotional tension. In the again, for example, an injustice or he dies, something like that. It therefore radiates a lot of “smog” , or in a special way energy. Some people are instinctively able to feel this smog even if the person has long since left the room and the brain makes a picture (person) to better assign it. I think now I sound confused again and clapped ? 😉

Death is an undeniable condition in which the “living” is usually decomposed, dismembered or transferred to ashes by other living beings, etc.. The once lived and now dead no longer exists. It can no longer rise, rise and live again.

But man is said to have had a “soul”, an invisible, non-material structure, which “veil-like / wonderfully eludes the body as a precaution.I just can’t say where it’s going to go. I’m not ready to go with my research yet. Will come yet. (That’s why I’m going to hell, who says?)

I don’t know how often I feel the question at quora is as opposed to everyday life.For me personally, there is no question.

I come from the darkness surrounding me before my life and my future is again in that darkness.After my biological death, I do not want to continue to exist or be reborn as a beautiful rose or as an earthworm. A life and a death are enough for me.

Nobody knows.

You may HOPE that the creilauf of life also applies to you, because even star systems and universes are subject to it: origin – development – offense – new things arise.

There is reward and punishment only in so far as a harmful existence in this world ends earlier and harms the offspring.(Hitler is a good example of this…) A positive existence (e.g. Aristotle or Goethe) has a positive effect on the descendants for a long time to come.

The “I” is likely to be a construct of the animal brain for the preservation of the unitary body and will not exist as a “soul” as many people think.However, the Buddhist concept of the flame that ignites another flame could be true if a general life force exists. (Not yet proven.)

Since a butterfly’s flapping of the wings has an impact, you can HOPE that your love affects (like your hatred) and connects its flame with others.(But you won’t know.)

If you are grieving, I can tell you that it sometimes gets a little easier.Do not turn your hand if you feel the deceased smell/feel or feel guided by him. You may HOPE. No one can prove to you that it is not. Any fixed pro or contra statement “life after death” is wrong and devalues your grief. Hope instead of believing. Look at the spring after the winter, look at a young sun in the remnants of a supernova from which it originated. It may be similar for us. And you don’t have to believe something like that, you can experience it. If you are better off, it would be in the interests of the deceased person close to you. I lost my dad two years ago.

there are some books about near-death experiences of people that have been brought back to Earth by medical measures.For example, Raymond R. Moody’s “Life after Death” or Wellesley Tudor Pole’s “Private Dowding”. This shows that one consciously lives on when one has left the body. So only the body dies, not mind, soul and consciousness for a form of existence.

There are also various reports of communication with the deceased; some esoteric professionals are able to question the deceased and get answers from them.

There are also cases where ghosts of the deceased are felt in buildings.

All this speaks against the thesis of dissolution in nothing!

Something existed before me, and something will exist after me, so there is life after my death.
After my death, what I identify as I will no longer exist in the form in which I know it now.
I believe that the highest art of the human mind is to relativize oneself, that is, to learn to experience oneself as part of a greater unity.
This is difficult because we humans have been trimmed to this self-individuality from childhood.Our consciousness is gradually filled with this idea of the unique self so much that we lose the ability to gradually see through ourselves, a skill that we potentially had before our socialization.
Our mirror created by this socialization prevents a glimpse, and thus a crossing of this i-border.We remain prisoners in our own self.

IMHO is the reason why this question is such a big mystery for us.

No living man can know that.As a Christian, I believe in a continuation after my death. I don’t need more. There are descriptions of reanimated patients that describe the corresponding.

After someone dies, he sleeps in death, so to speak. Clearly, this is not a normal sleep from which you and I could awaken him.But there will be a time when the Creator of man will ensure a resurrection. In any case, this is indicated in the Gospel of John 5 verse 28,29 and Revelation21 verse 3-5…

No idea.But, wouldn’t it be unfair to have only one life? The course of a life can depend very much on the origin. On the one hand, those who are born into a caring family, in which there is no magnel of money, or who can handle money. On the other hand, families who care about their children. Kindet, who are not paved. It should take three generations for descendants with such a background to break out and complete a university degree.

Maybe Hindus are right and we humans are judged to climb to the next level.

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