Is there a family that was rich in the Middle Ages and still is today?

The Rothschild are THE German banker family par excellence.They acquired their wealth under the family patriarch Nathan Mayer Rothschild and his five sons in the 19th century.

The Rothschilds are a Jewish family who lived around 1800 in the Frankfurt ghetto in Judengasse in a house marked with a red sign.Although the family later moved more often, the name “Rothschild” remained so stuck.

The family owes its wealth above all to Napoleon.

First, the Rothschilds took over the salary of British troops in Europe at high interest rates. Britain could no longer pay them themselves because of Napoleon’s continental blockade. After the Frenchman returned to Paris from his exile in Elba, the Rothschilds bought up cheap British government bonds en masse, rising sharply in value after the Battle of Waterloo. By ending the long-lasting war in Europe, Britain needed less money and issued fewer government bonds. As supply falls, the value spent so far rose sharply – the Rothschilds made around 40 percent profit on their own.

As Jews, however, they were exposed to evil anti-Semitic hostility throughout the century and, in some cases, to this day.Contemporaries often blasphemed about the fact that the family mostly fought for peace – still frowned upon in the 19th century. They were said to be so rich that no ruler could wage war without their blessing.

Today, that is no longer the case.The Red Shields are still a rich family, but they are no longer a unit. Different branches still exist, although the family has often tried to prevent this through cousin weddings. Essentially, three Rothschild families can still be identified:

– The French financial holding company “Rothschild & Co.”, actually a railway company, today an asset management and investment bank in Paris.The Rothschilds hold 58 percent of the shares here, the market value of the company is around two billion euros.

– Groupe LCF Rothschild in Switzerland.The group includes an insurance company, family wineries, hotels, real estate and a private bank listed on the stock exchange. Market value: Around 640 million euros.

– RIT Capital Partners Plc in London.The investment company was founded in 1961 by Jacob Rothschild, who has also managed it ever since. Market value: 2.9 billion euros.

Source: Rothschilds, Fugger, Krupps: This became Germany’s richest families

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