Is the word ‘ language degradation ‘ a dished word?

Well, No.You do not scoff anyone. A proverb refers directly to a person, so “Loeder” is, if addressed to a person, a dished word.

“Rapping” is a good Dutch word, but with a strongly unapproving emotion.It indicates that something “deteriorates”, “Deonst”, “impostation”. If we, for example, use less and fewer different Dutch words, forget words, then our language is impoverished. That too is “language degradation”. Let us, therefore, continue to use “degradation”, which we are in handy.

Since no one is insulted (personally) when used, language degradation is not a diminutive.

The fact that someone thinks that a descriptive word is a proverb, you might call language degradation…

‘, ‘ No, it is not to be scoled.In my view, language degradation is mainly a deeply conservative cry. They are people who want to freeze the language in time. Every change is a raking in their eyes. I am entitled to speak, because I am also continuing to ‘ language degradation ‘.

“,” Raedering.No, not a proverb, but a diminutive expression.

This question has brought me to the following insights.Dutch has always been “” Verloedert “in my eyes.

Look at all the different dialects and adaptations of words in terms of region or province or even city.

Born in Twente, moves to the west of the country, emigrated to Canada.Now back in the Netherlands.

What struck me, since I was back, is that the Dutch language is the “Verenglishmen”. In my attempts to speak Dutch again and again, I had to first find out which words were accepted or not in the daily use of the language.

Dutch is influenced by English, French, and Hebrew.The internet with the Digi language of course also gives influence (that information we go “Googling”).

I like the fact that the language is continuing to develop, it grows with us.

A few more fun facts:

  • The longest Dutch word has 60 letters: Children’s Carnival training Preparatory work Committee members . This word is in the Guinness Brook of Records of 2011.
  • Almost 1/3 of the language is made up of the above languages
  • Dutch students, who have chosen to study in English, have much more difficulty expressing themselves at a high level.

This according to an article in the Volkskrant.

‘ Struggles ‘ with the Dutch language: the effect of a study in English

No but a big problem.

Jaap we can make everything a sheed word:) It’s just how you interpret it.

No it is rather a word that really says that a certain language is deteriorating, by misused.

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