Is the use of a schockhalsband animal cruelty?

This is a difficult subject, because a lot of people use such a collar as a shortcut in their dog’s training, rather than undergo the correct training.

If you train a dog, it is not a good idea to punish him every time such a dog shows undesirable but just natural behavior (it is often used in dogs that leave and go too far away, or go behind an animal).Much better is to teach the dog another alternative behavior.

My dog is a hound, and yes her instinct is to go behind everything that flies from her way.I had to train with her for a long time, so she was focused on me while walking, by calling ‘ here ‘ or ‘ watch ‘ when she was distracted or gone beyond 10 metres. When she listened to me, I rewarded her, and now she is much more focused on me while walking.

Furthermore, I saw an interview with someone who said that his dog also had the right to be able to walk around freely, that this only went with such a collar, that he also had to be able to call him back if IE came too close to the highway for example.

Okay, first of all, why are you going to walk so close to a highway in Heaven’s name, just fix your dog if you come near dangerous situations.Secondly, it is breeding season, acorn. From 25 March to 25 June dogs are not allowed to loose anywhere except in dog loose walking areas, and there you do not need a shock collar because they are often safe and fenced.

Birds and wild animals have a lot of stress from stray dogs, they can even abandon their offspring because they no longer return to the place where they have seen a predator.Then you can say, that is nature, but our dogs and cat populations have artificially grown many times larger than what they would be in the wild, and do indeed cause damage to the wild.

In addition, many walkers just like njet of dogs (hard to imagine, I know) and not everyone has a desire to encounter a stray dog every hundred meters.So I think that if we, dog owners, would keep all of the rules of conduct, and the legal rules, and just train our dogs correctly, those shock collars would not be necessary in most cases.

And of course there are working dogs that might benefit, like dogs from hunters and in security (but three of my uncles were hunters and they didn’t need them for their heaths), and there are also dogs with behavioral problems.

(Personal opinion: Many dogs with behavioral problems are dogs with bad owners.If you want to be such a band as a private individual, I actually think you should make a written request and have to go through a few sessions with a dog trainer before you get permission.)

Whether such a shock collar is animal cruelty I don’t know, I’ve never used one myself.But I think we all agree that it is better not to use it if it does not have to, and in many cases it is not necessary. Let’s keep it cozy people (and dogs)!

Yes.It totally beats nowhere. If you can’t take up your own dog (which you often see in people who have zero understanding of dogs and then say their dog is tricky), read a book or have a course. Dogs are animals that can be so neatly arranged that they will always listen and be very docile, if you do it right. They need a leader, not a submissive owner, but a little. Then you can say thunder that your dog will be playing the boss and doing what he wants. Feel but addressed to you ‘ I have a tricky dog… ‘ And ‘ My dog has trauma, so he is not to be set off… ‘, because actually the behavior of the dog is a reflection of the inscience of the owner.

That had to be out.

There are also shock collars for cats that are not allowed to complete a certain terrain.I can’t think of that, why would you want to scare your own cat and hunt down fear through such a terrifying collar? Then just don’t take a cat if you live somewhere where there is a lot of traffic, or if you like it with a buddy and give him lots of playing attributes (if he’s never been outside), or build a run.

Don’t bother people. There are also friendly auxiliary tires.That do not give power but, for example, spray a vibrating, beep or puff of vinegar water.

It is not about the flow or the pain of the flow.But that you are frightened from his current thought. And he comes out of his focus and watch you again.

So it’s nice to switch from pain to something that does help.

Not necessary.

In the years 1970 and 1980, these collars were at least counterproductive.If you look at movies from that period, you can often see dogs jumping up from the pain. Of course, I fully reject that.

The modern variants can be set so that the signal is tangible, but not painful.This differs from dog to dog. You can still abuse them, of course -and in those cases I approve it again, but you can actually use them correctly, without the dog feeling pain and without the animal cruelty.

For most dog breeds such a tool is not necessary, but for certain dog breeds or certain dogs that have behavioral problems, it can be a very useful tool.It can help dogs with a strong hunting instinct to always get on command for example.Positive Reinforcement training is not always sufficient.

It is regrettable that the opinions on this are so black and white.It can be animal cruelty if it is not used correctly.It is also usually not necessary; In that respect, it is regrettable that people who educate their dog without a ‘ shock collar ‘ will assume that this can be with any dog.

But when used correctly and with certain dogs, it is simply a very useful training tool that is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

It depends on what the reason is to use such a collar.

In principle it is animal cruelty, but it can help in the ‘ education ‘ at temporary.

Apologizes that possibility the use?Actually not, because an animal ‘ educate ‘/africhten can also be fine without such a collar.

Do not compare animals with humans, that is to compare trees with calculating machines.Pointless. These things are forbidden by law, and therefore the discussion of their use is pointless. End of story.

Yeah I like it though.I am often in the summer to look at the horses in the meadow and so now I am coming against the electric fence. No fine feeling I can tell you. It causes a pain response. Very briefly though, but willfully cause pain is in my eyes mistreatment. You have other options for example a tyre that works on vibrations instead of electric blades

In my opinion though.You may reach your dog’s obedience. For the animals there is only misery, stress and pain.

Or they are already banned in Flanders, or there will be a definitive ban on this very soon.

And that’s good too!

Well, you have to give it a try.If it hurts, then it is also painful for your animal. Would you use it for yourself daily? Or with your children? Or with your parents? No? Do not use it with your animals.

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