Is the Quora question translator a person or a robot?

To see some questions it seems that they have hired an 8 year old for it, with a half dictionary.I’m just asking a little too often against which I don’t have a clue what actually stands. That does not affect Quora-you should not want this. Too often do you think they don’t take themselves seriously, at Quora: This is not a self-explanatory forum in the world.

Another issue is why questions are translated at all.

And, more importantly, are answers also translated?If so, then I’m ashamed….. I really pay attention to my answers, and if this is dealt with….

I honestly thought it was a bot.I was not even aware that it could be a person. First, because the translation of questions in some cases is very crooked, but also because they are followed by nobody, and also continue to ask questions at night.

I don’t think it’s Céline, she already has a lot of own questions (and these are in correct Dutch:), why would she go to another profile to translate questions?Whether it is someone else I don’t know, as I said I just went out of it that it was a bot. Maybe not a bot that only uses Google translate, but I don’t know the fine from it.

I think it is a bit stupid, if I have written a very answer, to find out that it is a question of the translator. Then no chicken looks at it, and no one is waiting for an answer.Feels a bit like wasted time and effort.

Well, when I first saw your question, I thought it was a philosophical one, when can we consider the question translator as a person?At the moment we are talking about more than any Quora user. We also write to him or her actions or feelings: “The question translator has been busy again” “Can the question translator not use decent Dutch?” etc.

Right now, the question translator takes a person-shaped place on this site, is it just a bot, or can we say that it is even more?

In other words, is person-shelf something a person should be able to write himself to, or is it something that can also be assigned by others, if there is only a great invaded consensus?

But now that I read the other replies, I see that you didn’t mean that, and I feel a bit stupid haha.

Quora users are asked to translate questions, I have in any case often a list: ‘ requested for translation ‘.I do not know if that is because I have printed somewhere on ‘ okay ‘ or because I have an English master and that indicated.

But then you can submit the translation and I assume someone is checking it out.

I get the impression that the Quora question translator is a person. It is possible that this person uses an automatic translation program such as the Google translate.

I’ve watched the questions and some questions give a different translation than the Google translate, for example, the following question:

What are some DIY projects for your home that most people don’t know about?

Google translate gives as translation:

What are some do-it-yourself projects for your home that most people know nothing about? [1

But the question is posed here as:

What are some of the things in your home, where you have a bit of madness, which most people know nothing about?

I think these questions are translated by a moderator, probably by Céline Décamps.

Hopefully I answered your question with this.Thank you for asking me this question Niek Holtzappel (niek holtzappel).


[1 Google Translate

The question translator uses Google translate but is I think no man, or in any case no translator.

Yes and No.

There is indeed a bot that automatically translates questions.

Every time I ask a question on Quora in English, I then get the option to translate my English question into Dutch.This to get more answers.

So yes, there is a translation bot, but people who can speak multiple languages can easily translate their question to Quora in another language with the translation function of Quora.

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