Is: ‘ The Princess Bride ‘ a good movie? Why is it a well-known classic and what do you think is good about it?

I think it’s best to have a good film, especially for young people.It is a film with many fighting scenes, but in a sporty way and without serious bloodshed. A typical fairytale story and a beautiful film, even though it is primitive in view of the modern possibilities.

The original release of the Princess Bride was an above-average success.With a budget of $16 million, they managed to earn $31 million in the USA and Canada at the theatres. That’s not bad.

But the film really got loose when reviews appeared on the Internet and the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes are very positive!The film has also generated quite a lot of internet memes and is still hugely popular over 30 years later. So popular that they still have a website for the film to promote it.Its popularity is already a little less, incidentally. But with the 40th anniversary of the film, it will be updated again. ๐Ÿ™‚

Of course, it starts with a lot of fun:

But it is striking how many big names have been made.Even though they weren’t that big at the time. Peter Falk is of course the most famous of it and is the storyteller of the story.Fred Savage plays his grandson and is the listener in the film.Other big stars are Robin Wright and Cary Elwes, for whom the story revolves.Andr่Œ… the Giant, Mel Smith, Billy Crystal, Wallace Shawn and many others have also become hugely known by this film.

But also the book itself, the Princess Bride (novel), proved hugely popular.Even before it was filmed it was already a bestseller. The story is well thought out and has a fairly complete background behind it. Similar to LOTR/The Hobbit, GoT and the Conan stories.

What is only difficult about this story is that it is quite difficult to write a sequel to it.

Goldman has tried that, but he has problems to come up with a good story that surpasses the original story.It is also virtually impossible to make a remake of the film that will surpass the original. Yes, even with modern CGI and more action in it. The fan base of the film and the story would not accept this easily…

Unfortunately, Goldman died half a year ago.Pretty unfortunate because he has written quite a lot of good stories and scripts.

And why it’s a classic?For that you will just have to see the movie…:-)

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