Is the hairdresser an Amsterdam or a Rotterdam speciality? Where did it come from? And why does it lead to controversy?

A Rotterdam hairdresser ordered, if he worked in the evening hours, specifically this combination at the Shoarma tent.Just in 1 tray. Then IE could quickly eat between the appointments. It was picked up by the customers and became famous locally before media got up. So the original hairdresser is with Shoarma and delicious Rotterdam.

Controversial?There’s just no discussion about possible, Pleurt on;) The pig Shoarma at De Appie is only controversial.

As a Amsterdammer I dare to say quietly that the salon is Rotterdam. Furthermore, I find Rotterdam and de Rotter Dammers also pleasant to be.All this of course as long as Ajax wins of course:-)

Kapsalon is a Rotterdam invention.A professor of Erasmus University even called it future cultural heritage. [1 In addition, it is so Rotterdam that the official nickname VA IS the CS Kapsalon. [2

Why a controversy?On the one hand there is always a rivalry between the big cities in the Netherlands, all the way between Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

On the other hand, the bit of indignation is because a piece of local identity and pride is hijacked.. Eel is Volendams, gouda cheese, Van Dobben is purely Amsterdams, Bun Bal is Haags and the hairdresser is Rotterdam’s… Okay?Nice

My suspicion is that it must have been a tourist tractor and it was thought that it would run loose.Or it was a clever marketing action so that IE would come nationwide into news.


[1 ‘ hairdresser is cultural heritage of the future ‘

[2 new nickname for Rotterdam CS | Society our Language

It is a Rotterdam snack, made by a couple of Turks who had an Antillian hairdresser as regular in their shoarma shop, who always ordered the same: fries with shawarma and some other mess over it.At one point it was so common that there was talk about P Kapsalon. As a little joke they went as part of their menu and to their surprise they noticed that it became super popular. From there, it spread all over the country. At least, I understood it. Fun fact: It contains about 1500 + calories in a serving. Not so good for health so.

For clarity, are we talking about the frying dish, about Rotterdam CS or just about hairdressing?

Because Amsterdammers and Rotter Dammers always have a little to do with each other (‘:

I think hairdresser is just Flemish.Sounds very familiar to us.

But yes, it has nothing whatsoever to do with that Rotterdam hair salon.
With us is that Hair-studio, Den Coiffeur, hairdresser, hairdresser etc.
Save us from those impossible eating habits.Give me a tower of Bales 🙂


It’s a CALORIEA bomb not normal!

But what is it nice huh?

It started in Rotterdam.But in the meantime it is a Dutch speciality. I have never heard about a controversy, but I have never told anyone to say that it is an Amsterdam invention.

Hairdresser (dish)-Wikipedia

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