Is The European Union a creation of the United States? What was the active role of the United States in the creation of the EU?

No, it was not an initiative of the US, but of visionary Dutchmen, Belgians and Luxemburgers.The Benelux that was set up before all the Union is and you can consider this as a kind of proto-union.

The real work started on the initiative of the French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman with the “Schuman plan.He advocated the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community with the aim of making wars between France and Germany impossible, by bringing the entire coal and steel industry under 1 authority.

In 1951, the “Treaty of Paris” was signed: the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC).It consisted of W-Germany, Italy, France and the BeNeLux.

The ECSC was the 1st of the European Communities, later other communities were established and more and more countries joined.

In addition to avoiding war between Germany and France, Dee was intent on a broad European integration.

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The United States has not played a significant role in this.

The first customs union within Europe was the Benelux, founded in 1944.

In 1950, Robert Schuman, French Minister for Foreign Affairs, formulated the idea of establishing a union between European countries.This was the European Coal and Steel Community, the forerunner of the EEC, which was again the forerunner of the EU.

The goal that Schuman had in mind was to make war (especially between France and Germany) materially impossible.

I did not know, but according to Chapter 1: The History of the European Union has PUT the US together as a precondition for the cooperation of European States to initiate the Martshallplan.

1.1 The origin of the EU

The European Union arose shortly after the Second World War.

At the time, the United States gave economic aid to European countries in the framework of the Marshall Plan for the reconstruction of their war-ravaged economies.


The prerequisite for this aid was economic cooperation in order to strengthen the relationship between them.Six Western European countries responded by establishing the Organisation for European Economic Cooperation (Oees) in 1948.In 1951, France, West Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg strengthened this economic cooperation through the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC).Subsequently, the European Economic Community (EEC) and the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) were established in 1957.The last three organisations together form the European Communities (EC) since 1967.The EC was, after the Maastricht treaty in 1992, one of the pillars Of the European Union (EU).In the same treaty, two new policy areas were introduced: the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and cooperation in the field of justice and home security.Thus, a structure of three pillars was created, which was held up to the Treaty of Lisbon in 2009.

As far as I know, America has only supported the idea of founding a covenant of Nations.

In Europe, after the Second World War, we were aware of the fact that there was a far-reaching nationalism in many countries.We wanted to do something about that.

At the same time, we saw opportunities to cooperate on an economic level.This is why a number of countries (Belgium, the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany), France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands) founded the European Coal and Steel Community.

Then, after ten years, this project was so successful, more countries wanted to join.This meant an update to the ECSC. One allied itself in the European Economic Community. I suspect that the emphasis on economics came to be because it was restored at that time and grew considerably and the war ended for more than ten years before.

Another tietal years later, a number of other countries, some of which had set up their own projects, also wanted the EEC.Join. A new project was launched: the European Community. This is also the time when the European Parliament was set up.

No.The US has not played any part in the idea and the creation of the EU. It was an idea of Robert Schuman in the early 1950s, based on the BeNeLux.

The USA were not involved in the foundation of the EU.

No.But they do have to thank the US and UK for their existence further!

The EU is not a US creation. The EU has emerged to create a large block to counterbalance the US. The EU members Understandwell that in trade treaties the richest partin usually dictates the conditions.As an example, Trump now demands that the UK exchange the EU’s food safety laws for smoother US legislation.

The EU nevertheless can simply give the US a middle finger.The American market is lucrative, but not vital. If the British are to leave the EU, they will have to comply with the eisrn of the USA and possibly China as well.

The VD has not created the EU, but Verl American xoudrn Dexe likes to fall apart to have the dominant negotiating position in Dr. Future

First there was the ECSC after the EEC and finally the EU.

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