Is the AfD an invention of the Union?

You can all deny it as you like!
but Reinhard Lohmann, is absolutely right!

The AfD is in fact a fake party founded by Merkel to keep the people quiet !!

Secret papers from the Federal Ministry of the Interior, which are available, offer an almost shocking answer: according to this, the so-called “Alternative for Germany” was founded by Angela Merkel herself in order to calm down critical citizens.

It threatens one of the biggest political scandals in the history of the Federal Republic.

Five thick files with the note “Strictly secret – not intended for the German people!” include the records that could be a disaster for the Chancellor and the AfD leadership.

Everything is documented here.

It painstakingly records everything: from the afD’s true founding papers (“founding as the daughter of the sister parties CDU and CSU”) to detailed agreements with Merkel and her ministers on individual demands of the party.

The photo above is from the founding meeting in a Berlin bar in 2013.According to eyewitnesses, it was very funny.

The stated goal of the AfD’s founding: Critical and concerned citizens should be bundled into a party that is fully under the control of Merkel and Co.As a result, the AfD can immediately shift to the unalterable course of the unity parties at any time, once it is actually in power. Thus, the notes in the file state: “(…) the AfD comes into play whenever a demand for the more bourgeois Union is too politically incorrect or xenophobic. This does not lose the electoral potential to the right of the CSU/CDU (…)”.

Excerpt from the founding treaty of the AfD:

Through a middleman, it was possible to get a senior employee of the Ministry of the Interior to make a statement.

This confirms the authenticity of the documents. “It is true that the idea with the AfD came from Angela Merkel himself three years ago to get rid of Euro critics inher own ranks,” the informant said.Until recently, he himself had worked in the secret “Coordination Staff AfD”. “I invented the term ‘lies press’,” he says proudly.

In part, one could have noticed the fraud of the exaggerated appearance of some “AfD politicians”.

In July 2015, Merkel finally forced the previously carefully chosen party leader Bernd Lucke to leave after he refused to align the party with more xenophobic orientation.

“He just didn’t want to understand that the AfD needs a new image with the refugee crisis in order to keep the government’s back,” the informant recalls. “It was a very unpleasant dinner at the chancellery.”

“Dear Mr. Höcke, in a speech, you refer to the Holocaust memorial as a disgrace.”

Later Frauke Petry also had to leave the AfD.

She was fired by Merkel for becoming too popular with her.

Merkel, on the other hand, is very satisfied with the current leadership of Alice Weidel and Alexander Gauland.”Sometimes the chancellor or one of her spin-doctors write extra notes with distinctive sayings, which AfD politicians can then say during their appearances,” the informant reports, quoting from a text message from Merkel to Petry in January 2016: “(…) Dare to do something more violent like shooting order or similar to test the reaction of the people.

Already after the next Bundestag election, according to initial plans, the camouflage could be abandoned and Merkel could unite the AfD and CDU under her chairmanship.Together with the SPD, which had already been infiltrated by CDU mole-throw Gerhard “Comrade” Schroeder in the 1990s and is now tame, a super-party could emerge that secures Merkel’s power for the next 25 years.

AfD in truth fake party founded by Merkel to keep people quiet

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