Is the Abitur comparable to the American school leaving certificate?

Yes, it is comparable, but not necessarily equivalent.In both faellen, American and German universities recognize the Auslade degree only to a limited extent.

In the German structured school system, about 50% of Schueler achieve a High School or University of Applied Sciences: Abitur and Student Rate – Wikipedia

The American school system follows an overall school model in which pretty much all students attend the same school form up to 12th grade.On average, 85% of Schuelers reach high school graduation: Public High School Graduation Rates .

While the minimum requirements of high school graduation meet about the level of high school, there is a wide range of advanced courses comparable to high school performance courses from the U.S. School District.However, it depends on the performance of the individual Schueler sat down whether they are taking basic courses or advanced (“Honors”) courses, see: AP Courses and Exams

American universities generally require German students to take test results that are standard ized at the Abitur, in addition to their English proficiency, as well as basic academic knowledge and specialist knowledge.

English Test: TOEFL: Home

Basics Review: SAT / ACT ( Home )

Specialist tests: SAT Subject Areas

German universities require American students to prove their German language skills when applying for a German-speaking course of study.In addition, a wide range of advanced “AP” courses must be demonstrated:

German Test: TestDaf Institute

Specialist tests: AP Courses and Exams

See also: DAAD database on admission requirements

The study at a US college lasts four years until the bachelor’s degree, i.e. one year longer than a bachelor’s degree in Germany.The main difference is that studying in Germany alone is subject-related, whereas US colleges prescribe general (liberal arts) basic courses in the first year. Thus, a 13 year-old Abitur in conjunction with a German bachelor’s degree is roughly comparable to a 12-year-old US High School diploma in conjunction with a 4-year-old college degree.

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