Is religion lived intolerance?

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Basis of the Bible Texts: Jerusalem Bible

The Church of Christ

Foundation, waste and restoration

the foundation

At Pentecost of the year 33 the Christian Assembly was founded (spirit outpouring)

John 13/34,35

Is the fulfillment of this commandment recognizable from the history of the Catholic Church?

the waste

Translation specification in brackets after the verse name

The parable of weeds and wheat

Mat.13/24-30 Mat.13/36-43

In the post-Apostolic period, the members of the true Church can only be found sporadically in the world and no more than a closed communion.Only in the Last Days should both plants (true Christians and weeds) be separated again, that is: the members of the true Church should only appear again as an independent group on the world stage at the end of the world (End Zeit).

Paul further expands this thought in his letter to the Thessalonians:


Paul speaks of apostasy, not a waste.What still stops him according to verse 6 is obviously the apostleship. John mentions the final phase of this obstacle:

1.John 2/18

It is clear from 1 John 4/3 that the Antichrist already began at that time and is not only in the future.

The waste

Mixing with philosophy (Col.2/8)[1)

Mixing with pagan teachings and customs (1 Cor.10/20,21; 2.Cor.6/14-17)

Intertwining with politics (John 18/36,37; John 17/14; Jak.4/4)

Concordat with the mass murderer Adolf Hitler

Silence of the Holocaust (Pius XII)

moral decline (homosexuality; extramarital intercourse (1.Cor.6/9,10; Roman s. 1/26,27)

oppression, exploitation, extermination of ethnic groups; all in the name of the “Christian” religion (2.Petr.2/2)

religion into a business (e.g. indulgence trade: 1.Petr.5/2)

Formation of a ruling hierarchy instead of a brotherhood (Mat.23/8-11; 1.Petr.5/3)

Assassination of countless innocents by the Inqisition (Witch’s Madness)

demonic miracles (signs) (Mat.7/21; 2.Thess.2/9)

Prohibition of marriage for a specific group (celibacy) (1.Tim.4/1-3)

Image worship (Genesis 20/4)

unbiblical teachings (triuneness, immortality of the soul)

Warfare even between members of the same religious community!

the restoration

The idea that the true Church would not reappear closed until the Last Days is supported by the following statements of Scripture:

Dan.12/4 Daniel 12/9-10

  • According to Daniel, the true servants of God of the Last Days would be biblical scholars.

Some Jesaia prophecies also point to the Last Days:


  • And an essential feature would be that these people no longer learn the war!


In the Last Days, a small number of servants of God would become a great people.

The clergy of the various churches of Christendom do not recognize the signs of the times, analogous to the Jewish clergy, and consider Jehovah’s Witnesses to be a renegade sect.

The Catholic Church has behaved hostile to the Bible and to Christians faithful to the Bible.For more than 500 years, the Catholic Church has deprived ordinary people of reading the Bible and persecuted Bible-faithful Christians.

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Clemens of Brentano writes at the beginning of his translation:

It is thanks to courageous men 鈥?who were not intimidated by the Inquisition 鈥?that the Bible was made available to the people, because until then it had been buried by the clergy in the Latin language.In the 19th century, an intensive study of biblical prophecy began, especially on the basis of Jesus’ reference to the times of nations (pagans) in Luk.22/21. Jehovah’s Witnesses proclaimed 31/2 decades before 1914 that at that time the times of nations would end and Christ i m heaven would be enthroned. On August 30, 1914, page 4 of the leading New York newspaper The World published the striking headline: “TheEnd of All Kingdoms in 1914″.“The outbreak of the terrible war in Europe has fulfilled an extraordinary prophecy,” the main article read. “Over the past twenty-five years, the ‘International Bible Researchers [Jeh.ovas Zeu.gen’, best known as ‘Millennium Daybreak People’, have proclaimed through their preachers and through the press of the world that the Day of Vengeance, which is in the Bible, it is prophesied that it will begin in 1914. ‘Look out after 1914!’ was the cry of hundreds of travelling evangelists who, as representatives of this strange faith, moved up and down the country and proclaimed the doctrine that the ‘Kingdom of God had come.’

After the enthronement of Jesus in heaven on earth, what should confirm this enthronement of Jesus as a visible event?

Offb.6 provides the answer:


As a result of Jesus’ “riding out”, peace was taken away from the whole earth.This removal of peace from the whole earth took place for the first time in the 20th century. from 1914 by two world wars!

The enthronement of Jesus and its concomitant appearance was already mentioned in Psalm 110 after Rudolf Kittel (Biblia Hebraica)

The following can be seen:

the enthronement of Jesus

his dominion in the midst of his enemies

a willing people from the beginning of their reign

The willing people were bullied in the one-size-fits-all translation and in the Jerusalem Bible!!How trustworthy are such translations?

After 1914 until today, JZ announce the beginning of the Kingdom of God in heaven with the time 1914!

So you are this willing people!

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[1) the word “his” used by the translator in front of the word philosophy is not in the Bible.Paul was referring to Greek philosophy, as can be seen from the phrase “human tradition”.

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