Is racism a trait or a disease?

Contrary to popular belief, racism has little to nothing to do with fear.

The existence of this position through society shows how little we have learned from our past.

Racism is an extreme manifestation of the so-called ‘behavioural immune system’ and actually has the aim of protecting us from disease.And right from the front (please read on, before anyone thinks I want to talk racism nicely, that’s far from me). Each of us has a behavioral immune system that correlates strongly with our feelings of disgust and not with fear.

The behavioral immune system is a function that we can hardly control.We find some things disgusting simply because these things are potential carriers of parasites or pathogens. In this way, we unconsciously dodge faeces on the street. We would never come up with the idea of stepping into it. Some people have a very pronounced behavioral immune system. Once a fly has touched the person’s food, it will refuse to consume it. [1

And now comes the interesting point.Other people may be carriers of parasites or pathogens. And especially people who belong to a different phenotype, i.e. genetically a little different. Because another phenotype has other resistances. The most recent example of this is the quasi-extermination of the Indians in America. These have perished from the imported diseases of Europeans. And because this has been a problem more often in our human history, we have developed something like a behavioral immune system. It has the function of protecting us from disease.

It’s even “better.”The higher the risk of infection and poverty in a country, the higher the risk that the country’s individuals hold totalitarian (and right)political positions. [2 Because in response to the bad social and above all medical circumstances, people unconsciously try to protect themselves and therefore want to avoid or even destroy in the extreme everything that could be a carrier of diseases.In the case of people of other phenotypes. What is served by totalitarianism.

If you don’t want to believe it, look at Nazi propaganda or Hitler’s views on the Jews. It was never about fear.It was a matter of “liberating the body of the German people from a parasite (Jews, Sinti, Roma, etc.)”. The Jews were often regarded as “cancerous ulcers”. If you look at psychological analyses of Adolf Hitler, you will quickly realize that he was enormously conscious of duty and had a high need for order and cleanliness (a personality aspect that correlates with the behavioral immune system). He sometimes bathed several times a day and the accurate military parades were spectacles of this need. Hitler extended this need excessively to the German Reich. And the people cheered him on because that’s what they wanted, after they were on the ground in the aftermath of the First World War. They wanted to be in order. And that is quite justified, but it has just become an excess.

The Holocaust was an excess of order and disgust.Not fear. Racism is therefore an extreme attitude due to the interaction of a certain character function and property (behavioural immune system) with the environment. And that is why racism will not simply go away if we only talk about it long enough. The behavioral immune system is built into us.


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