Is practicing Mindfulness-meditation effective if you are suffering from depression?

Depression is a state of unawareness and Little life energy sadness, disappointment, not wanting to live.

You can give attention to the life energy giving, visualizing (giving attention) energy getting from Mother Earth along your feet and letting it rise through your body to head and let it flow back to the feet, arms and hands not forgotten… A kind of physical mindfulness.

Important is a process of awareness of possible traumas and past vulnerabilities, follow therapies based on expression of feelings such as Bio-Energetics and Psycho-drama. Be honest with yourself and admit your feelings, become conscious, ( Exaggerate and noisy) and forgive yourself and the other.

Man has also lost his contact with nature, it must come into contact with the energy of Mother Earth and let this energy flow along the feet, along the body to the head.Occasionally barefoot walking through the grass. Be aware of the energy of the sun and get the life energy through your hands and let it flow through your arms and your body. Become aware of the energy of Father Sun and get the energy through your crown and let it flow through your body to the feet.

According to ancient Chinese medicine, there are 12 energy meridians, 6 meridians bringing Yin energy from the feet to the chest and then to the hands and 6 meridians bringing Yang energy from the hands to the head and then to the feet.

Detox, purification of fats and other wastes.

According to Henk Franssen and Andres Moritz, the cause of cancer is that the cells are silting and thus without oxygen.According to them, the cancer cells are not the disease but rather an attempt to survive the immune system against the actual disease, the lack of oxygen in the cells. Therefore, the immune system does not invade the cancer cells. Cancer cells are a mutation of the silked cells to further the ability to function, namely to continue to produce energy in a anaerobic environment.

Therefore, it is important to fast or eat less, drink a lot of water, fruit, greetings, nuts, seeds… To eat.It is recommended to drink water with powder from barley grass, wheat grass, chlorella, spirulina to deacidifying the body. I also think that Curcuma, Ginkgo biloba, Aloe vera drink… Also good for health.


Required in advance : If you haven’t done so yet, consider consulting a specialist (psychologist, psychiatrist, family physician).

Meditation can certainly help when you are suffering from depression.Whether it’s your “cures”, I can’t tell you anyway. It can at least contribute very well.

Take a good look at how you want to tackle it and if you want to be guided if you are not familiar with it.

I really hope you can get your depression right.

Good luck

I have no figures if it is so for everyone, but it has helped me tremendously!

It only takes quite a bit of discipline to keep it full, and I would strongly recommend doing it with a mindfullness coach.

But besides asking this question?You can just try it anyway and see if it has personal effect on you/someone?

Even if you do not lead to depression, mindfulness can give a tremendous rest in your life!

But see it as a sport.

1 time in the month gym makes no sense.

1 time in the week also not really.

And that’s the same with mindfulness.

Discuss this with your practitioner.

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