Is PETA a scam?

I do not know what the question relates directly to?Is it the video?

Sure for me; PETA is a vegan association, no more and no less.The reports are all one-sided. This is only about spreading veganism by populist means.That is legitimate, but then we should also be open to it.

At all corners and on all topics, people say: Oh how good are vegans and all evil comes from meat eaters.Slaughtering animals is as bad as the Holocaust. PETA – The end justifies the means?!

This is contemptuous of people!

But animal rights activists are not primarily concerned with improving the living conditions of tormented animals.

Nor are they conservationists concerned about the preservation of biodiversity. Their goal is more fundamental. They are striving for a change in values: militant animal rights activists put humans and animals on a par.

For Peta, there is no reason to legally put people in a better place than dogs or locusts.Humans have no special rights, explains the founder and president of the radical animal rights organisation, the American Ingrid Newkirk: “A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.”

First of all, animal welfare and environmental protection are important. There is no longer any need to discuss this today!Yes IT MUST BE MORE MORE. In all areas! But please facts and no mood with factual or not “quite” correct reports!

It’s against fishing clubs, hunters, and owners of pets….. What sit with guide dogs….when it goes to PETA……

Reports such as:

Vegan – For the Animals

In the animal factories, animals are treated like machines.Just a few days after the birth, for example, chickens are shortened with a sharp blade of the beak. Male cattle and pigs are neutered without painkillers. ……

Of course, this is cruel, but it’s different, I don’t have to become a vegan!But the beef steak at Aldi is so damn cheap….next week we’ll start looking for alternatives. Then PETA can take this up and hide the fact that there are more people who consciously pay attention to animal welfare and attach importance to animals.

Vegan – ….for you

The only two researchers who have successfully reversed by far the most common cause of death in America, namely heart disease, prescribe an exclusively vegetarian diet in their programs……

Nobody questions that, why?Sure, PETA wrote it, they continue to write: “… (the average cholesterol level is 128),” he said. But the fact is: the cholesterol level is always individual. Many factors, such as age, gender, pre-existing conditions and also family pre-existing conditions, are decisive in the assessment of cholesterol levels. In people between the ages of 35 and 65, the total cholesterol should not exceed 240 mg/dl and LDL 160 mg/dl.The “good” HDL should be above 40 mg/dl on average.The LDL value is the critical size: if it is increased, one should act quickly, as the LDL can become dangerous for the body.

For years, the limits for cholesterol have been lowered to the level they now have…..mostly at the instigation of the pharmaceutical industry, so that they can sell their funds.And PETA is hitting the horn … is completely forgotten at PETA that even too low cholesterol levels are harmful to health and increase the risk of depression, for example. Too low levels can be caused by overfunctioning of the thyroid gland, severe liver damage or malnutrition.

A balanced diet and lots of sport are important tools, and … it doesn’t have to be the 250 g steak that a TV chef thinks is carpaccio.Not at all every day meat: Spaghetti with sage olive oil are delicious and healthy along with some tomatoes perhaps? Lots of fresh vegetables, fish and olive oil is always right… and you don’t have to do without the spoon Parmesan!

So always leave the church beautiful in the village!

Maybe I’ll get a warning from PETA that it wouldn’t be unusual to say or write that anymore!

To mitigate the seriousness of the situation:

The Federal Government has already taken the seriousness of the situation seriously: “The afflicted citizens of Germany have a right to respect traditions,” declared the Federal Minister for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection now at the Dorfweiher in Rhineland-Palatinate. Village bores, while she released a great white shark Susi with a friendly slap into the floods of an excavator lake.

PETA is alarmed

The five-metre-long animal, which is expected to dominate the front pages of regional newspapers and the Instagram accounts of distraught residents over the next few weeks, is not alone.A total of 387 sharks, 548 snapping turtles, 1790 killer catfish, 257 alligators, 13 giant octopuses and five monsters from Loch Ness have been provided by the Ministry of Agriculture to ensure a comprehensive supply of bathing lakes in Germany with fearful water dwellers.

Re-naturalization is making you progress!Sharks exposed in German bathing lakes – WELT

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