Is monogamy so old-fashioned? Will monogamy become so 70s-80s?

In my personal surveys, the over-45s are not willing to admit such things when you are in relationships.
I don’t think that’s true, in the 82’s living village children ( 200 – 500) Soul Village – Think this at least, it must be and would be normal today, but they were all, then not married.

There is a lot to be said for this – which a lot of people like, and that they like it.Abitur years from 2003 – 2005 / Were all not monogamous, as far as I know the partner simply had to put up with it – or he/she would soon have had no partner.

I think I have to imagine that the woman I love is doing with other types, but I didn’t have a girlfriend who was loyal.
So ergo – With faithful ly many lie, and take the other – the opportunity to have or get a loyal partner.

What is unfaithful ?
For me, it’s time to build an emotional relationship that goes so far – that you share the most intimate feelings with the others.

Even these days, it has only happened to me again.
Long-distance relationship – 3 months of stress – because you have done too much with others.And then Zack fumbles –
A metal scourge has taken advantage of her loneliness and pretended to be a sympathetic friend.
I was so clear – what to do when your partner is lonely and then it happens.But you think he really loves you – and you don’t want anyone else at all.
I was told it didn’t go far – that evening –
But … ——————–
What to do if you can understand loneliness, and even you know that with the opposite sex you are always in the first place – man or woman.So that you are basically hit in the face by a shit/duck. And she just wanted a better friendship.

It remains exciting – if I think about it more closely – I would be this guy and 1.2 others –
As much as you like to step into your stomach – and shake Kola over her face if necessary.

These dirt wixers actively destroy – my love – which was hardly greater.
Also I would like more friends/girlfriends .. .
But they go very soon, if you get to know you again and you realize – that you don’t let them go.

You just can’t have everything, the ones who try and aren’t honest.- The karma will surely still fear the emptying.
The doofe is, when 2.3 women wanted to be happy with me, she was able to convince me very quickly – that these women are not about friendship but about.
I understood it and sometimes really insulted the women – because you had lied …

Why can’t my love – why didn’t she act like that ????

MAN CANNOT HAVE EVERYTHING – MAN but makes his own decisions …

All the Rumhurenden Types / Tussen – Are not EternalLy Young
And I would laugh I would see such a sufferer.If I could recognize it, and you wouldn’t be in love with the person.
Life demands victims — In all respects – man/woman should just see and understand this.

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