Is Marvel better than DC Comics?

Actually, no.Both have their advantages and disadvantages. But Marvel comics are more popular at the moment because of the movies and their worldbuilding more realistic. Many heroes struggle with all-too-human problems such as foul speech (Spiderman), alcoholism (Iron Man), racism (X-Men), sibling-revity (Thor) and the like. We can better grasp and understand these heroes as readers.

For example, on the X-men, even if I am not a fan of them, their actions are understandable.If Cyclops, Jean, Storm and the others in any Third World country save local mutants from an angry mob then that is logical for us to protect them from their peers, but also understand the fear and fear of the mob when we see only a few panels later how a mutant, whether intentionally or not, blows up a hospital. We understand the different sides and can form an unbiased opinion based on our sense of the situation. Sure, the outcry in society today is great if you stand up and say that you are a mutant opponent (purely hypothetical, if they would exist in our world) but we can understand it just like the right of the mutants to live to be allowed as they wish.

It’s not much different for other characters like Namor, the Inhumans, Silver Surfer, Scarlet Witch or Punisher.

We understand why Namor always wants to flood the surface world when we see him standing on a beach as the King of Atlantis and the corpse of a little Atlantic girl who died from the dirt of a local factory pumping it into the sea. his poor and desperate not to be able to protect his people.

We understand why the inhumans are encapsulating themselves from humanity and consider them to be better when we see a perfect society that has left behind the problems that dominate our daily lives.Industrial environmental destruction, social exclusion, the addiction to money, the eternal question of the political system. They’re things the inhumans can’t understand because they’re so much further than us, and Marvel isn’t afraid to show us that.

We can absolutely understand Norrin Rad’s decision to become a Silver Surfer and serve as the Herald of Galaktus, as a mentally healthy person will always put the survival of his own home world above alien worlds.At the same time, however, we also see how he breaks up and his guilt brings him to his knees.

We understand why Scarlet Witch almost eradicates the mutants first as the ruler of the world and then at the end of the House of M event.Her desire to be there for others and to make it right for her brother and father crushes her and destroys her already fragile spirit. The loss of her children just before, or the realization that these were just magical constructs, makes us see a woman who no longer wants to be loved than to be loved for what she is but has to contend with forces that will one day crush her.

Well, and with the Punisher I think I have to say little.His appearance in the Daredevil series showed us only too well why we love him as a character. Everyone in the comic understands why they do what they do, which makes them more likeable to the reader as a character. A scene in which Thor drinks miserable beer in Indonesia while he tells him that he can absolutely understand why he killed these terrorists who make their money with drugs to prevent terrorist attacks but at his honor So the prison-in-prison Lady Punisher (I don’t have the name of this character right now in my head, Rachel anything) doesn’t end up in the chair when she just saw the world like he’s something that’s creeping in with us readers.

As for DC, the problem is that few characters feel so human.We understand their deeds, motives and weaknesses, but they are always two worlds that exist. The human and the hero/icon. DC heroes are more symbols and ideals than people who try to do the right thing. Sure, they stumble just like that and have their mistakes, but it’s too easy to forget about the glory around them. DC is also much more American and Christian than Marvel. Many stories feel strange when, for example, an alien race talks about how important the Creator is and you immediately know that the Christian God is meant by it. Not the Marvel with the One Above-All does not have a similar character only here it is so that this is not the Abrahamic God but a being that fell so more and the ordinary mortals can only comprehend when they project their image of God on it. While the real Marvel Jawhe is a member of the Council of Earthly All Fathers and no stronger than any of them. Also, when reading DC, you always quickly notice which characters feel more like Marvel and could therefore be transferred without any problems. Characters like John Constantine, Lobo, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Zatana, Etrigan, Deadman, Dream of the Eternal, Darkseid and the rest of New Gods, Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel/Shazam don’t need much customization to easily become part of the Marvel cosmos and are Also, what are the most stories that feel like Marvel. So you can also see which characters a Marvel fan misses at Marvel and why you always look into the other publisher.

So we have a comic book publisher that shines with human heroes against a publisher that competes with ideals in human form.So I don’t think it’s hard to see why Marvel is so popular, especially in countries that have almost no domestic comic book market. You always grab what feels more neutral because it’s easier to understand.

On the other hand, however, one must also keep an eye on the Indepentet publishers, which are even more human than Marvel.Image, for example, with his characters such as Spawn, Witchblade, Darkness or Savage Dragon, are even more concerned with humanity and realism, creating worlds that only stand out with the strange forces that humans act in it and the rest tries to do so. to understand… what is somewhat ironic since characters like Spawn, Witchblade, Darkness, Savage Dragon, Apollo, Mitnighter or Jenny Quantum were originally like the New Gods characters that would have appeared on Marvel if they had agreed to the terms of the authors. But it shouldn’t be.

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