Is It worth to visit Chiang Mai during my holiday to Thailand?

Absolutely.I would recommend everyone to go to Chiang Mai.

In 2017 I was in Thailand.I have been from the 2 months in Thailand in the end about 1.5 weeks in Chiang Mai. The atmosphere appealed to me, a lot more relaxed than Bangkok but the facilities of a somewhat larger city.

When I was there, Songkran, the Thai New year, began almost.I stayed overnight in a hostel (ZZhouse, I wouldn’t recommend anyone. The owner, Boyd, is super cool and d facilities are also fine in order) and with the other people from the hostel and with Boyd and his friends we celebrated 3 days celebration. After that I went to Chiang Mai for 2 days and watched the city, explored the area. With a scooter you can go just a little further away to for example Doi Inthanon (+/-2 hours by scooter) or Doi Suthep (+/-1.5 hrs).

After that I started doing a scooter with a guy from the hostel for 8 days with the Mae Hong Son Loop , which is also an absolute must. We still have a small circle stuck on it and have been to the river on the Thai/Burmese border.There we went with a boat over the river and finally ended up at a monastery, where we finally slept on the riverbed with one of the two monks who sat in that monastery.

After returning to Chiang Mai, I have been in Chiang Mai for 2 days.After that I went to the Elephant Nature Park for 2 days.Then I went back to the south of Thailand.

A temple in Chiang Mai

Nice trip to the top of Doi Inthanon, the highest point of Thailand.

Normally you can look very nice but that fell against it. This was also the only time I had cold in Thailand (8 掳C at the top).

Lower on the mountain the view was beautiful by the way.

This one is made in Doi Inthanon National Park

Buddha Cave.

Very cool, a cave full of buddhaimages.

The boat across the river that forms the boundary between Thailand and Myanmar.

The country left is Thailand, right is Myanmar. With this boat we ended up at the monastery. On the way back we sat on a kind of taxi boat, which stopped on both sides of the river. At the time of the Burmese side, 2 soldiers stepped up, with handgun and some machine gun. Quite a strange experience.

The view from the monastery.

The country you see is Myanmar. Downstairs is a small village with houses on stilts in the water.

The dinner we got in the monastery.

With fish soup of freshly caught and self-cleaned seafood.

At night at the campfire on the riverbed.

The next day we went with the monk to ‘ the market ‘ in a nearby village.

They had never seen white, blond people so that was quite an experience. The ‘ market ‘ where we were going, proved to be the inhabitants who came to bring sacrifices to the monk. With a lot of food we returned to the monastery again.

Again continue with the trek, which led us across a national park.

About dirt roads. That was quite a bit cool.

In between, swim in a hot spring.

And a few more to a deserted border crossing between Thailand and Myanmar.

After returning I stayed for a while and went to the Elephant Nature Park at Chiang Mai.

Here they catch battered, injured and neglected elephants.

This elephant was on a land mine stepped.

She worked in the logging industry and just had to work with a wounded leg. Her left front leg is completely matured thereby.

Baby Elephant!

This elephant is born in the park, his mother is also rescued from the logging industry. We were not allowed to get too close or pet him, because then his aunts could be angry.

See how an elephant washes itself.

Another important thing: elephants are beautiful animals but NEVER go to a park where you can ride on elephants.

Go to parks where you can observe and view them, but where they are left to rest as much as possible. The same goes for parks where you can take pictures with other wild animals or pet them. These animals are often mistreated or sprayed with drugs. Do not participate in this industry and boycott this kind of parks.

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