Is it unhealthy to walk immediately after eating?

Immediate running after eating harms our health.

By inhaling food, we activate our vegetative nervous system and the digestive organs of the stomach, pancreas and liver begin with the formation and secretion of digestive juices.At the same time, these organs are now given priority in the supply of fresh blood and oxygen.

If we go running now, we activate the motor nervous system and all vegetative functions are terminated immediately.This is especially true for digestion. And also the blood supply of the digestive organs involved is diverted in favor of the muscles.

This Flight & Fight reflex always takes precedence, because in an emergency it is vital to take flight so as not to be injured or killed by enemy or predator.

What are the consequences of the late digestive end?

On the one hand, the organs themselves are affected, because digestive juices that have already been formed now remain in the organ.This is a dangerous burden, especially for the pancreas, because the highly effective digestive enzymes can now damage the own glandular tissue. The fate of digestive juices in the pancreas is therefore the number one cause for inflammation, disease and cancer of the pancreas.

But bile and liver juice also remain in the gallbladder, where they can stagnate, fall out and form gallstones.

There are also consequences for the undigested food pulp, because everything undigested turns into bacterial rot.We experience this as discomfort, bloated stomach and increase in rotting toxins in the blood. For example, after poorly digested protein meals, the corpse toxins putrescin and cadaverine are detectable in the blood. The toxic residues can still be found in the urine the following day and after de-ification by the liver as indicane levels.

To solve this chain of problems, we don’t even have to run.In most cases, it is enough if we eat stressed. Unhappy mood, tension, negative conversations, eating while standing – all this can already halve our digestive performance. The trigger is the stress hormone cortisol, because cortisol is one of the main switches for Fight & Flight and disables our digestion system.

So organic and vitamin-rich food is not enough for healthy eating.The time frame must also be right so that the food does not harm us. Ideally, the meal should have a time frame of one hour. That is, during this time, sporting activities are to be avoided.

By the way, the easy digestive walk after one hour is healthy again, because the slight movement in the fresh air improves the oxygen supply and distributes the nutrients to the body tissues via blood and lymph.

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