Is It true that the Belgian roads are very poorly maintained?

Yes, that is true, in the sense that the maintenance leaves a lot to be desired.

I worked in Belgium from 2008 to 2014 as Dutch frontier worker (living in the Netherlands).

Especially the first piece of motorway crossing the border was with several large holes in the top layer and thus everywhere chunks and kibble asphalt an ordeal.One stone after the other popped against my windshield, also on the road shackling stones raised by cars that drive a good end for you. That’s why my car was obviously judged by the Dutch inspection standards every year.

Suddenly I got a big crack with a hard bang in the windscreen where I didn’t bother with my posteering, but that according to the norm was formally within the wiper sweep field and therefore had to lead to a defusing.Luckily my garage dared to take the risk; The tear was on the right side.

After several years of those trials with ever-threatening and from time to time also encountered new shelling and holes in the road (in which I also once saw a car with aborted front suspension in the roadside!) The road was finally asphalted again .But in the meantime it had cost me two rejected rims…

Bad roads were also not limited to the border region.

But… The intruder than until then acquainted with the rest of the Belgian culture and habits has given me an exquisite birth, I like to say that!You get a much broader look at things, a damaged field of view does nothing to it.

I admit that the Belgian roads are in a sad state compared to the Netherlands.

But it is not so bad that you will be wrecking your car or cruising through T land at 50km/h.

As a person who has driven through almost every European country, I can tell you that in comparison with many other European countries Belgium is still high in the ranking of the best roads.In fact, you have highways everywhere, usually the roads are wide and repaired where necessary.

There are places where you do not even feel you are driving: smooth, perfectly smooth road and no pit or bump (and then it turns out that this road has been around for 10 years).

And then you have the roads where there is suddenly a pit in which your whole wheel disappears!Or roads where you are so shaken that you are suddenly sitting on the passenger seat instead of at the driver’s seat!

To a large extent, Titus is right: There are terrible roads for such a small country and everything has to be decided on a different level: Sometimes you have 1 long road where the first piece is terribly bad and ineeens it is super good and then again super bad… Well: 1 piece falls under the jurisdiction of the State, another the municipality and yet another the province:)

Moreover, the repairs are also not really easy: as soon as 1 piece of road has to be closed for repairs, you sit directly with traffic jams and still on all other roads.

If Belgium ever decides to ask for toll like other European countries, traffic will hopefully be reduced and money is also added to make better roads!

First of all, one has to understand that Belgium has a lot of roads… Very very much for such a small country even.

Some roads are maintained by the municipalities (and therefore also paid from the municipal axis) and some roads are maintained by the Flemish/Walloon government.

Since the maintenance of these roads costs enormous amount of money, many municipalities have problems to bear these costs with the result that many roads only get the most urgent repairs.

Furthermore, we have a lot of transfer traffic from our ports to neighbouring countries, so a lot of heavy traffic that goes on the roads with the necessary damage as a result.

So yes, the roads are not well maintained, although it has to be argued that in Flanders in most places there is something better than in Wallonia at the moment.

The reason that many people find our roads so bad is because they only pass through our country every year on passage to France and thus only know 1 specific route.

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