Is it true that postmodernists are subversively damaging to our society?

Absolutely, in any way and definitely!

Postmodernism, as I know it as a philosophical direction, does not exist in the opinion of objective truth; everything is subjective/perspective and all these perspectives are equal.
The whole goes back to the eternal circle of philosophy around the concept of truth.For 2.5 thousand years the prevailing opinion has been: we do not get close to the truth, the thing/world itself remains hidden from us and man is poor.
Nietzsche also omitted this and quite rightly concluded that we simply agree on things that we then call truth.
“Is this your seriousness?!” I think to myself every time.The truth was probably created as a term in humans as “Do you believe the kram yourself that you are telling?” then went a little more objectively into what we now call facts, and philosophers have been searching for the absolute, unshakeable truth ever since.
While phenomenology according to Husserl still has the best approaches, namely to relate all the stuff to consciousness, the bottom line is that only sentences remain about how we view the world.
Language is insufficient, without a lens we completely lack the gaze and everything we have is percipitated by this lens.
So far, I go along with the postmodernists.

They have two problems and they are gigantic:
1.They hang on to linguistic gimmicks. Language is our best means of communication, but not perfect. Postmodernists like to irritate this, pointing it out and thinking that language is the fullof of thought. Where the language is not correct, the idea cannot be right.
2.(and that’s a biggy) They are sapping the logic…
And with it also the sciences.And here it becomes dangerous, because one cannot deal with supporters of postmodernism with logic. Again and again you just get back “and that’s your opinion”. How, if we renounce the laws of logic, should a discourse come about at all? This will catapult us back into romance and it would need a new era of enlightenment.
As far as the scientific methods are concerned, they also think, “You can see this in this way, but you can also see it differently.”
That is true, but perspectives are by no means equivalent.There are intelligent, rational and justifiable perspectives on one thing and there is bullshit.

And bullshit should never gain social and political influence, if humanity also mostly fails to prevent it altogether.

P.S. I had a seminar on Foucault and Derrida, among others.Have rarely bitten so often in the table. The cheers of some fellow students about the glimmer of hope that they no longer had to submit to the “dictation of logic” was for me an omen of the impending demise of the discourse and the civilization of ideas.

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