Is it true that life forms on Earth exchange electromagnetic energy?

This automatic translation from English shows once again why Quora should leave it.This question once had additional details (please reintroduce!) a long time ago, which Quora has abolished at some point. At that time these were moved to comments and in English Quora you can even find this comment:

I was watching a philosophical documentary that stated that emotionally-charging events like 9-11 that affected millions of people influenced random-number generators and computing facilities around the world.

If this is true, is there any potential use?

I try to translate this into German:

“I’ve seen a philosophical discussion that claimed that emotionally charged moments like 9-11 (destruction of the WTC)affected millions of people, as well as random numbers and computer setups worldwide.If that’s true, how could you take advantage of that”

So, it’s a bit of a mess that has caused considerable confusion among the poor questioner.Poor Boy!

Slightly longer answer: Never has anyone in the world observed that random number generators or computers were affected by such events in any form.Where do the “philosophers” in the discussion only take your information?

Even longer answer:

The events of 11 September were broadcast live on television and also live on various websites.I myself spent the day in front of the computer and followed the events on the Spiegel website.

I am sure that millions of people around the world have done the same.And certainly all these people were emotionally affected. And in fact, television is transmitted via electromagnetic waves, as well as the data from the websites from New York to where people were watching the events. But I can’t see anything here from a direct electromagnetic influence from person to person.

In fact, the servers from which the Mirror websites were delivered soon collapsed after a short time.So 9-11 actually “influenced computer facilities worldwide.” But these were not the emotional torments of the victims of 9/11, but the many millions of people who overloaded them through their constant queries of the servers.

However, no one anywhere has reported anything about “random number generators”.

All I can think of is that the Bastonade has been abolished.”Philosophers” who spread such crap and thus confuse people like the poor questioner deserved it.

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