Is it true that as you have more money, more problems emerge?

Money is a unit that quantifies choices.
You have 10 euros, enough for a visit snack bar or a pizza, but not both.
There are people who, if they have 20 euros, still make this choice between these two options and save the other 10 euros, there are people who choose a more expensive meal, but also people who choose both the snack bar and the pizza.

With more money you increase the freedom of choice, but also strengthen the underlying relationship to choice and behavior.
One who makes little unwise choices will not spontaneously make great wise choices.And someone who consciously makes small sensible choices probably makes the bigger choices well aware. Unless the emotion gets the upper hand.

Furthermore, more money-and I mean significantly more money-is another problem: you are getting more and more behind that people you can trust if you offer little freedom of choice suddenly get another relationship to you when this freedom of choice increases: Why not let us share in this size of freedom of choice?
And then it becomes an oil slick that strengthens: if your environment consists mainly of people who make small conscious choices you will get very specific questions: I need 1000 euros to finance a new computer and thus my own company to the next Step, can I borrow this from you?Others are different in the competition: can I get 1000 euros from you, you already have so much?
And then learn to say no if you’ve never developed that trait.

More money, more freedom of choice, no more problems, it works as an amplifier for attitude and behaviour which is already present.

Good question this!You’ll also hear stories from people who win the lottery and then become unhappy. They would like to turn back the time but some.

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Here芒 鈧劉 s How Winning the Lottery Makes You Miserable

It can.For you usually look at your power at that moment, and assume that this power remains the same, or gets higher.

In 2013 My partner and I bought a house.We could then get a 芒 ‘ 卢 230,000 mortgage. We could also deposit 芒 ‘ 卢 25,000 own money, so 芒 ‘ 卢 255.000.

We have bought a house from 芒 ‘ 卢 156.000, 芒 ‘ 卢 25,000 own money plugged in, but eventually we came up with a mortgage of 芒 ‘ 卢 135.000.And good too. Last year I was 100% disapproved, by sickness. But we have a mortgage for the price of a 2/3 room flat rent. And that price remains fixed for almost 10 years. If we had then bought a house for our maximum amount, then we were really in the crap now.

Well, if you’re poor, you tend to attribute all your worries to your poverty.If you are not poor, it suddenly turns out that all sorts of problems do not have so much money to do, but with how you sit together as a human being. For example, if you are shy and unsure, you are even if you have more money.

Not my experience.

My life I found great with more money.

Mainly traveling and eating out, and the protection that it offered I found very fine.And a house by the sea on HI.

I also love to buy nice clothes, but nothing fancy.I wasn’t shopping every day or even every week.

It gave me freedom to do what I liked, and to make what I liked.

It depends entirely on how you interact with it.

Some people may not be able to.You hear more often that it brings for people misfortune. Which is very unfortunate. If you deal well with it, it gives dire freedom.

Not as you have more money.However, as you spend more money. You can be very busy with it.

No, of course not, but your problems will be more expensive.

I don’t think you’ll get more problems but I do think that GEKD can reduce your burdens

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