Is it true that a single mother with a job in the Soviet Union could live well?

I had to laugh hysterically when I read this BS by the Stalinist propagandist Finnegan, who writes about single mothers in Russia with free housing and health care, and adds the propaganda image of a happy Soviet woman who is her new Apartment with Stalin’s portrait instead of an icon enters.I was the daughter of EINMUTTER in the Soviet Union.

I was born and raised in a shared apartment in Leningrad near Vladimir Putin’s house.Seven families shared a toilet, a kitchen and a non-functioning bathroom. Once a week we went to the communal hut to wash ourselves after being in the queue for at least 2 hours. We were 3 people in a single room. (Actually, Putin’s room was smaller than mine with 3 people) In some cases, even 4 to 5 people shared a room. The kitchen was constantly overcrowded and there were frequent disputes, so the police had to intervene. Our apartment was not the worst. My friend lived in an apartment with 29 families per kitchen and toilet. Can you imagine having a baby if you don’t even have access to the sink in the kitchen?

8 weeks after my birth, my mother had to work again.She bribed the doctor and received medical papers claiming she had to stay at my home for 16 weeks. She wanted to breastfeed me. She left the house at 6:30 a.m. and returned at 6:40 a.m. if she wasn’t late for the mandatory party meeting. As a single mother, she was most fortunate that her own mother was still alive. She was 72 years old when I was born. She could wait in the queues during the day for food and cook.

As a single mother, she received financial support from the government.With 5 rubles per month. The price of two emaciated chickens on the market.

My mother was a unique woman.She worked as a galvanic engineer in the huge military factory “Bolshevik”, where naval guns were manufactured. She was an inventor and received money for her inventions. It generally had twice as much income as ordinary people. Still, her life was hell. She had to wait more than 20 years for an apartment for both of us and finally got a studio the size of an American bathroom with a very small kitchenette that couldn’t even fit two people. Only. The bathroom was the size of a broom cabinet. The apartment was at the other end of the city – there was no transport except for a bus that only ran once an hour. The apartment had no telephone line. My mother was put on the waiting list. She got her phone 18 years later, when she was already living with me in America. There, she got an apartment within a few months and within 3 days a phone without having worked a single day in the USA. She had worked in the Soviet Union for 42 years, Stalingrad was at war and she had to build weapons in Siberia. When some sick, insane idiots of the socialist fantasy of paradise spread Stalinist propaganda about Quora, whose sources are financed by the propaganda department of the Communist Party Central Committee, one can always ask people who are lived there, and instead remember it every day.

As a single mother of three children in America, I raised my children at the best universities in the United States, built a three-story house in San Francisco, and in addition to my diploma in Marxist Leninist philosophy at Leningrad University ( I was a neighbor and classmate of Vladimir Putin) even managed to graduate from San Francisco State University at the age of over 50.

The life of a single mother is very hard in every country, but perhaps for a single mother only life in a socialist country in Africa would be worse than in the Soviet Union.Capitalism is more humane than communism.

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