Is It really a good idea of TU Delft to take this ‘ women’s only ‘ recruitment policy? What can the disadvantages be?

No, it’s a lousy idea.First, you run the chance of losing a few super talented male scientists. They are going to look elsewhere and they always find an interesting position somewhere, in the Netherlands or abroad.

There is still a second reason why it is a bad idea; Every woman who gets a job through this scheme will be remarked for years as a B-brand, someone who has entered a special arrangement.That is a horrible position to be in.

It seems to me that if you believe men, men are hiring, you have to take care of mixed application commissions.In a meritocracy everyone has to have a lot of chance and the best one should get the job. Gender should not play a role.

Not really

The fact that women are under-represented in the university is absurd, has causes for the selection process.The only way to introduce women now is inefficient, tuttling and discriminatory.

Not good if it has to be at the expense of the quality of the underty.It could just be that relatively few women chose the study direction required for that task and there is therefore relatively less female prominence.

Is actually discrimination against men if this does happen.If we assume that discrimination is considering irrelevant factors in view of the school’s objectives. But perhaps these objectives have been adjusted, so that academic iminence is no longer at the top but must be shared with an eye for the female.

They found it right and necessary. Professor was a bit of a men thingy.Disadvantage is not there.

In Belgium too, such discussions have been raging for years.But only recruiting women cannot be used by law in Belgium. It is an employee under the letter of the law even forbidden to exclude a gender in advance. It still happens, but when someone can prove that he was excluded by a potential employer because of sex, religion, sexual preference or age, etc. The employer will have little chance to get his right. So a kitchen manufacturer had to pay 25,000 euro compensation to an applicant because the employer in his dismissive writing literally mentioned that the candidate was too old to work for them as a salesman.

Exclusion in this way or as one wants to impose quotas in Belgium (so many% of employees must be men, women, immigrants, people with disabilities, etc.) always have the risk of choosing a candidate who is worse off at a certain time The selection procedure then comes to a candidate who scored better, but cannot be legally accepted.And then saves the choice to be in reverse discrimination, imposed by the government.

But the fact that these discussions need to be conducted is a sign that many employers continue to act on prejudices based on.If this is not the case, the Government is not obliged to think about imposed figures.

I also believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to prove themselves when he or she is genuinely interested in any work.But better would be more common sense of the employer than to obtain mandatory figures imposed by the Government or by employers who with good intentions (in this case what is exaggerated, I find) excludes half of the potential candidates in advance. In this way, the TU will be discriminating against discrimination while this initiative is intended to create an image against discrimination.

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