Is it possible to never use shampoo and still have healthy hair?

For over 3 years I have been using no shampoo or hair conditioner anymore.

I was a home mom, and I was very involved in the “Crunchy Mom” movement.There I learned a lot about natural products for baby hygiene, washable diapers, home made household cleaning products…. The last I went in was the “No Poo” (= no shampoo).

My daughter had an enormous amount of eczema and the doctor’s creams were helpless.She looked sick all the time, because she even had eczema on her face: Under her eyes, all over her neck and around her mouth.

So I read about eczema and many people talked about stopping conventional hygiene products.

A blogger had a very interesting (and not extreme and hysterical or too paranoid) article written about the ingredients used for hygiene products.Guess what? Your shampoo is made with the same ingredients as your dishwashing detergent. She also had a comparison chart made between all the ingredients of the products, from the cheapest Lidl shampoo to the Superexpensive bio-natural and hypoallergenic baby shampoo from the pharmacy.

The results were surprising.

Suddenly I knew how to read labels on products and it made such a huge difference in my buying habits.

I looked at natural hygiene and then I discovered a new world.The world of No Poo…. and No eczema.

What a Discovery!

Our salvation came from Morocco: Rhassoul (Ghassoul: A Moroccan clay powder), argan oil, black soap made from 99.8% olive oil and the rest is peppermint essential oil.

I went before, cold turkey.Within two months after a lot of testing and very bad hair days…. My daughter’s eczema disappeared.

My hair, that I used to waste every 2 to 3 days with shampoo and a ton of conditioner….. became delicious and curly…. And I was it with my own recipe, that I have adapted in recent years to fit my hair type perfectly.

So, this is what I use:

  • 1 cup Rhassoul
  • 1 teaspoon pure argan oil
  • A few drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil.

I mix it with hot water until I get the consistency of pancake dough, and then I apply it to my scalp and roots of my hair.I rub the scalp with the mix and let it rest there during the time for me to wash my body, then I thoroughly finished it and I let it dry on itself. No towel, no hair dryer. I just brush my wet hair, make my divorce and scrunch the ends of my hair with the miracle product of Lush, specially made for curls: R & B.

My hair smells delicious and is healthy…. And I get a lot of compliments about my curls, which I didn’t even have before… All this, without using shampoo.

You should try it.

Since people (and other animals) have done most of the history without it, I would rather ask if shampoo is so healthy for your hair.

Perhaps greasy hair is actually the healthiest as opposed to what the shampoo commercials try to sell us.

So Shampoo has nothing to do with health.

I hadn’t been my hair for 20 years.Nowhere with it. I’m 74 and have a full bunch of hair. The only thing that has problems with it is the hairdresser. The comb does not glide so easily.

Incidentally, talking about health.I was not for 20 years. And no one notices anything. I have a healthy flora to skin bacteria. And I am not going to disturb it with soap or water.

I have been using shampoo for years, with no problems.In fact, I used to have dandruff, since I no longer use shampoo anymore. And just to throw a bat into the among pigeons: shower gel is also unnecessary.

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