Is it possible to change someones taste about what is beautiful by argumentation?

Yes.Beauty also has a mental component.

You can just undergo music, but many will just watch Gerrie, but when you get into it you see more, and you understand more.Someone who is well versed in classical music is already delighted at the intermediate piece before it starts.

The same goes for Arabic music, or Chinese music, especially Chinese music I really don’t like.

The same applies to painting or literature.It is more in the context places. For example Dadaism as a reaction to the meat mill of the Great War.

In itself, understanding is also an aesthetic experience.

Sure.This is especially the cause of abstract art because you do not usually see what is supposed to be shown directly.

I design mandalas and other sacred geometry illustrations or drawings.Also abstract art.

This is one of my designs.

You could argue that this is a little colorful image on which only cubes and lines are depicted. It will be able to experience the harmony and symmetry as pleasant, but the person in question does not find it beautiful.

When I tell him/her that I have applied techniques for designing them that are parts of the ZGN.Sacred Geometry. When I tell you that (sacred) geometry also often pops up in nature at every level: it is already more interesting.

What occurs in all of us up to and including the farthest corners of the universe is the ZGN.Golden section. This is also referred to as the building formula of God.

For theoretical explanations I refer you to the Internet.

This is also based on the so-called Fibonacci series.

Quite simply said, it is the division of a line piece into two parts in a special relationship. The image below will clarify the

The School book example is the Sunflower

You have to zoom in on broccoli:

We see it in man: everywhere we find the proportions.

That’s what Leonardo DaVinci portrayed on his famous Vitrivius Man

We find it in abundance back in space.

In a man in the making:

Since this is so ubiquitous and a positive feeling, we are beginning to apply this principle in art:

Just as you don’t see the above drawing very much at first.

Yet she is world famous, just because of the golden ratio

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