Is it possible that the Vikings were the first to discover the American continent far before the discovery of Columbus?

In addition to the Vikings, there are still several suspicions of contact between peoples and the indigenous Americans.There are:

  • Various researches and and substantiated theories about multiple contact between the polynesiers and the Americans.

This is supported, among other things, with the distribution of the American sweet potato in Polynesia, a certain oceanic agent that the Peruvians used in embalming mummies, suspicious similarities in Canoos in the Chuma population in California and still Some other things.

  • There are strong suspicions that the Canathis and Asian Eskimo population still traded on the Beringer Street
  • Then there are several claims of contact between the Chinese population and the American continent, however, these are poorly substantiated and have few archaeological finds to prove it
  • In addition to the Chinese, there are also claims of Japanese Buddhist monikes who may have ended up in Mexico from a favourable sea-side where they may have had some influence on the Zuni people who have strongly opposed the cultural environment.
  • There are a few theories made about Indian contact with America, but these have already been rejected in its completeness
  • To move on to Africa.
  • The claims surrounding trade contacts and cultural influence between Africa and Mesoamerica are somewhat less far-fetched. The Portuguese King John 2 claimed that at the coast of Guinea there was a canoos with merchandise with a destination towards the West, there are also theories about trade ships from Mali that sailed towards America. Also in the Olmec culture elements are found that indicate any African influence.

  • There are self-claims around Phoenician, Judeisch, Ancient Egyptian (this one already has a larger basis for substantiation but is often rejected and questioned) and even Roman contact with America
  • There are also several European legends and theories about contact with a foreign continent.
  • There are also people who claim that Columbus has influenced his plans through some of the stories Wst personally seems unlikely to me.

    To come back to your question.Yeah it’s very likely DST the Vikings have been in America. There are many proofs that confirm a centuries transcending settlement in Greenland (which falls below North America), in addition it is also assumed that the expedition of Leif Erikson also led to a short-term settlement on the island Newfoundland where at L’Anse aux Meadows even a camp is found WST is today a Unesco World Heritage site. Still there are historians who doubt the theory, but he is accepted. The big difference between the Norwegian contact and that of Columbus is that the Noren did not have any major consequences or changes to weigh. Yes they have been there, but for short duration and without lasting effect.

    The first to be discovered by the American continent was the ancestors of the Indians.

    The Vikings have also visited America from Iceland and Greenland, in Newfoundland.However, they have not established themselves. It is also very possible that Irish monks have visited America for that time. But as well as visiting from Africa there are no concrete indications.

    No, the Vikings were not the first to discover the American continent.That happened a year or 12000 ago by the ancestors of the Indians.

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