Is it possible that ‘narcissism’ is a fashion diagnosis or why is one in three people called narcissists?

A good question!— and also and especially in this discreet provocative undertone!

The short version of an answer might be:

Mr. Trump, Putin, Erdogan, Dutarte, Berlusconi, Bolsonaro or, right now, Mr. Johnson … the list could be continued for a long time, but as a gift.

Now all these … Well… Men (as far as we know) do not diagnose clinical narcissism, but quite obviously some of the essential features of “open”, “grandiose” narcissists.They would therefore probably also be wary of undergoing an appropriate examination …

The much longer answer is then more related to this forum, i.e. to the “here” in the question (as I feel it):

For people who have gone through (or even are still in one) who have been through narcissistic abuse, their lifetime often divides into a time before and one after the abuse.This abuse may often be “only” an emotional abuse, but it often took place over a longer period of time. If the person concerned has it behind him, he can be compared to a returnee from an alien planet who can no longer find his way around either planet.

On that other planet he was warmly welcomed by his “host” at first, but after a more or less short and great time it got worse and worse for our tourist, who was usually unfamiliar with the usual customs there. .He did not understand them either, but this was only partly due to his naivety. He shouldn’t understand it either, so his host wanted it for obvious reasons and he knew very well how to do it.

Eventually, the tourist somehow returns to his home planet and usually brings souvenirs such as a complex post-traumatic stress disorder and a shattered or at least battered physique; the latter can be derived from a phenomenon called trauma bond.This subsumes neuro-physiological habituation processes, which then run “here” first and can have all the symptoms of a serious addiction. However, explaining all this in detail at this point would go too far. You can read this, for example at Wikipedia … is very interesting.

Okay, our tourist comes home again, mentally and physically completely beside the track and afflicted with the fashion diagnosis of “narcissistic abuse”.But that doesn’t help him much at first. He just needs to understand all the crude stuff of A-Z now, so that he has any chance of getting back on his feet.

This forum can help him with this (I would at least mean).Also a few of the numerous Youtube channels on this topic (for me there were/are exactly three, all in English: Dr. Abdel Saad, Dr. Todd Grande and Doc Les Carter — may they stay forever young …).

The narcissistic personality disorder is a cluster B disorder and as such a construct into which various other disorders can (and usually do), aspects of borderline disorder, for example, or paranoid disorder.

It is generally divided into an “open”, (grandiose) narcissism (see the gentlemen at the beginning of this article) and into a “hidden” (vulnerable) narcissism.

If you have to deal with a hidden narcissist, the matter usually (the name already indicates it) becomes even more complicated than it already is.My undercover narcissistic ex-girlfriend, for example, is so smart and undercover on the road that probably eight out of ten certified psychologists would not even diagnose one or two of the ten criteria relevant to the NPS disorder (… I could at least imagine).

Oh yes: narcissistic abuse generally takes place in secret.And that’s important for understanding.

Afterwards, those affected try to regain their voice and look for experiences that are similar or equal to theirs.And the (possible) explanations for it. And of course also (possible) solutions for themselves, viable ways to overcome the experience and the future consequences for them — so that it gets better and never happens to them again.

That is another reason why I think we need forums like this.

Finally, in the United States, there is indeed a group of scientists who, mandated by public authorities, deal with the annual economic damage that is indirect or indirect from persons with cluster B personality disorders. directly caused.These scientists certainly see it as not so much the fashion appearance, but rather what it is, namely a socially (and obviously also economically) relevant topic.

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