Is it possible that Google knows me better than I do myself?

I wouldn’t say better, but in any case Google keeps track of all your browsing habits, which means that Google recognizes certain patterns, where you are not aware of them.After all, this website remembers what you have ever looked up on the internet.

For example, I have read that Google could diagnose whether you are suffering from a particular disease by using certain search terms related to health complaints. [1[2

So in conclusion I would say, that Google knows a lot about you, but not necessarily better than yourself.

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[1 Google Knows you’re sick\xa0\xa0\xa0\xa0\xa0

[2 What Does Google Know About You: A Complete Guide

From Google I wouldn’t dare say it, though I honestly suspect that Google gathered more information about us than anyone.It has been published in 2015 about how well Facebook can predict your behavior, how Facebook Knows you Better Than your Friends Do.To say that they know you better, I think so. As indicated there, they know from 300 likes better how you get together as your best friends. Assuming only those 300 data points are used to make the predictions, it’s not hard to imagine that you’re leaving many more tracks, many more data points, especially at a company like Google that sits anywhere in between.

Given that there are probably thousands of data points present at Google specifically about you.Given the research, for example, for thinking, Fast and Slow (Dutch translation: Our errable thinking), where we as a human being can be a lot less confident about our behaviour as we generally adopt.It Is extremely plausible that in many areas Google knows us better than we ourselves.

Yup.They keep a lot of data about you. They analyse this data using algorithms that specifically look at what interests you and desires. Then Google tries with certain techniques to entice you to buy something somewhere. If you wonder how these techniques work and how people react to certain manipulations, I recommend you the Book of Cialdini, “Influence”. Will have a Dutch translation. I prefer to read it in the original English. It’s actually a handbook for sellers when you look at it.

The most important magic trick is that you first give nothing to privacy while pretending to be doing so.For example, Facebook has built up a huge cash stock. Always deny that much more is kept than indicated and deny that data is sold to all sorts of institutes and even unreliable organizations. Only when one comes back years later and can prove it, they have earned enough money to pay lawyers who can make every case for years. The research in the United States is at the last stage. It is clear that we are going to give a huge fine. The government that bequeathed to perform the control needed. Can now pass through the checkout many years after the abuse. Should it be a much smaller company, it would be game over. For Facebook it becomes a fine. Microsoft? Fine. Google? Fine. If the auditor does not exercise control and is subsequently rewarded for this behavior, then you can feel free to call it the handbook to be rich. The proceeds that a company the from such practices are sufficient to buy out the investigations and consequences. And the state is also happy because the empty Treasury is being served.

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As the stoicines say, good or bad is an opinion.You can only winne the game if you know the rules of the game. And the rules are not the one you learn at school.

Well, better.I would say that after analyzing your surfing habits, Google has an idea of what things you like but know you better than you know yourself?

No, I do not believe that.The only thing Google and Compagnons achieve with their attempts to influence our buying habits is a growing sense of irritation. Nothing else, we’re really not going to buy what Google and friends always give us in the answers that follow after our question, filled in the search field.

We have to learn not to tweet everything that invades us and to Instagram.Once you have printed on submit, it is out of your reach. We have an influence on this, so.

No, a search engine like Google won’t know you better than yourself.Anyone who can think a little sober, who knows that. It is a search engine, a program conceived and created by the man himself.

It remembers your search terms.Zoo is simple. That doesn’t mean that Google knows you in person.

In terms of subjects I literally waai with all the winds.I literally look for everything, purely out of curiosity. I can say that I know Google. I can spell his name and know what his function is. It’s my stepping stone to get more knowledge and not more.

The people who are behind it and check your searches.Of these, you could say that they know you a little better. But they don’t know you either.

Except if it is obvious.So in search terms where alarm bubbles start ringing. Like child pornography, wanting to make bombs, drugs etc ect.

If you really sit in the knot with yourself and don’t bother getting to know yourself.Ask your parents, friends or someone you’re familiar with.

And otherwise I have a good tip for you…

… Keep a diary!….

….And read it back too!

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