Is it normal to feel more love for your dog than your own partner?

I would not be able to answer this as ‘ normal ‘ or ‘ not normal ‘.It is a sign that there are probably some problems in relation to relationships. A dog gives you unconditional love and the band you feel can be huge. I used to think that a dog always feels affection for the person who feeds him, but over the years I found out that it goes beyond that. A dog can keep you very loyal. In people, this is something else and relationships are complicated in each other many times. Relationships are not unconditional and can grow but also bleed death. To what extent someone is ‘ good ‘ with entering into relationships, often has to do with adhesion in your childhood. If something was not quite right, this will often be felt for the rest of your life. But good news is, it is also changeable.

As the rest also indicates.It is something you could or should even discuss with your partner in any case.

On the other hand, the love of a dog is unconditional, which is a lot more difficult in a (more equivalent) relationship with another human being.

Of course, people often stay together long after love is extinguished.Say out of habit. Dogs don’t complain, are always faithful, are always excited when you play with them or indicate that it is time to go out and have no habits that work on your nerves.

Sometimes yes, but that should actually be balanced if you know the dog longer than your partnerer then the dog for that is just so.

You have to remember that dogs are whole empathic animals that are very close to us and another member comes into the pack or that is a male or a female man, yes, it has to prove itself again.

You also have some of those situations that will then see, among other things on TV E and then you see that part of the partnership does not actually feel at home in the situation and then the dog often blames the whole hassle and then it is a matter of choosing Well then I would say here is your bag here is your jacket the dog will be sitting on the couch with me

Good dog you have found less quickly as another partner eh you have no 100 Tinder I thought so

Dog can’t live your life as deliberately as a human being.All the ladies around me joke to Joh take a dog and buy a vibrating friend on batteries because then I have to tell you about relation Nummero 30000 who walked on the cliffs is not to be heard. Always joke that people who love dogs are people who value loyalty and predictability. Be a cat man myself. I can understand that you are more attached to your pet if you love but Jesus soon find someone else for why stay with someone if your pet makes you happier as the person you’re together with. I get things like fear of the unknown and married for a long time but I would personiously divorce if I’m sitting t. Sounds to But I’m t type that disappears after 20 years when I’m fed T and T is a rut

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