Is it normal for my wife not to have female friends who are very beautiful?

No it is not normal that you of your wife should not do anything no matter what it is.

One calls jealousy.That is often called in these cases. Unjustly if you ask me. Jealousy is self-contained but is really purely about possesity. Jealousy from possesiveness looks different in terms of behaviour. In relational spheres There is much more often (projected) uncertainty.

The woman is uncertain about herself and then sees another woman as a threat.
So she says: Do not deal with other women.She is like the death that she ends up in the dirt. She wouldn’t even find that weird, because she doesn’t like herself as much as it used to be, what if those other women are more fun?

The biggest drawback is often that someone himself does not know (or has admitted to herself) that this is playing.And even harder, all this explanation does not get you as a man either. The most annoying thing: you can’t do anything about it!
You can say: Okay then I have no female friends or you are saying ‘ what an insense ‘.Well there you can invent the translation though. You are already in bed with someone else!

How do you solve this?Not. You can’t change what’s in her head.
However, you can appoint it when it is going to behave in the way.
‘ You don’t have to be uncertain, I have no interest in others.You are good enough for me. ‘ Just keep saying this (no not 100 times in succession, but when you find that they react in a way that you think okay this I do not follow FF, what is the problem?!) I expect that there will be a reaction ‘ yes but-I have arrived, ‘ or ‘ but it is no longer as it was. ‘ I know a lot.
Then you can say again, ‘ I don’t think that’s a problem, but if you find a problem I would like to help you. ‘ If you reach that point where you can say that to her, that is a first step for her to start reflecting.

Know, whatever you do, that this behavior stems from uncertainty.What does not help with uncertainty is to react indifferent. That makes it so much worse.
You could also simply ask ‘ Why do you say something like that? ‘ then she has to look directly inside.If you get an evasive answer I would just say ‘ no really seriously, I’d like to know that. ‘ Plus point + interest;)

Eventually you know your wife best.You might know how she feels, if you don’t know about it, I would start paying attention from now on. It can make your life a lot easier:)

Yeah that’s normal.I am going to get a lot of criticism. Jealousy is an emotion. I will not deny that it is a nasty emotion.

Is It right that women (read: i) are jealous?No that probably isn’t. I probably need to tolerate this from our open feminist society. Probably people find me (I speak for myself) sound like someone who is subordinate or submissive to the man. But I am not. Just not. Indicating your boundaries and telling how you want to be treated is nothing wrong with it. Is it not worth you to bind to 1 woman and have anywhere but 芒 鈧?虄girl’芒 鈧劉, then leave me the fuck alone.

I will explain to you how I came to this.

In my whole life, I thought to have male friends.Throughout this life, all these masculine friends got feelings for me and it turned out that they were in retrospect instead of 芒 鈧?虄friends are鈩?want whole other things with me. Really, since my teenage being I have experienced this. Recently, I lost a male 芒 鈧?虄friend芒 鈧劉 when I told me I had a relationship. It went very strange. It turned out that he liked me, this male friend.

This is very hard, but if you look a little beautiful as a woman, men will at some point find your 芒 鈧?虄attraction 芒 鈧劉.Or maybe this is only with people around my age + 25.

Unless that male friend of yours also has a relationship, they will probably like you someday.Who knows the other way around.

Most of the answers here are given by men and find jealousy 芒 鈧?虄sickel芒 鈧劉.Me best. It is a natural emotion and if that is sickly I am only sick.

Know enough stories of relationships that have gone out by a so-called female girlfriend.I am not taking that risk.

Luckily my partner has enough friends and I don’t have to worry about it.

Your question also concerns women who are 芒 鈧?虄very Beautiful鈩?You really don’t understand that a man is complicated.

She loves you.She is greedy. She doesn’t want to lose you. She is afraid that you will find your 芒 鈧?虄beautiful Girlfriend鈩?fun. You say yourself 芒 鈧?虄mooie芒 鈧劉 girlfriend.

We can pretend that we should be dealing with women but everywhere.Accept everything the man wants. I do not call it feminism.

I myself am a beautiful woman so it is not.I don’t have to worry that my friend will find someone nicer, so that’s not it. I know my worth. This is precisely why. This obviously sounds very shocking to some people.

I grew up and born here.So don’t think it’s my cultural background that I take this position.

No idea whether it’s 芒 鈧?虄normaal芒 鈧劉 is that some women think so.But many women including me do think so. So isn’t it normal then?

Apart from that.If you know it hurts your girlfriend. Why do you have to keep your desires to an apparently beautiful girlfriend in balance? Why not let her go for your real girlfriend.

I have learned to make sacrifices for the one of whom you love.Apparently you don’t like her enough.

How would you find it, if they all would have 芒 鈧?虄knappe芒 鈧劉 male friends?Think about that as well.

Let’s not give women who are jealous or greedy to their partner as sickly.Think about being a human being and you come to the conclusion that some emotions are not brushing away. She can pretend she likes it, but characters like them go a bit by bit broken inside.

The stronger woman among us will probably find no problem.Good for you.

For me it is important to stay close to myself and to indicate my limits.If my partner does not accept that, he is not the one for me.

Luckily, I have a partner who thinks for myself and has already figured out that he wouldn’t like it if I had male friends.

Is it normal for one partner to prohibit the other partner from doing something?No! Is it normal for your wife to be jealous? Yes, but let them have the discipline not to let that be noticed.

Is it normal for you as partners to keep in mind?Yes! Is it normal for you to go with another woman every weekend and let your wife sit at home? No, if you want to make the relationship straight away.

Conclusion: Give each other the freedom and keep in mind each other.

Yeah, that’s quite normal.Still separate from jealousy: you should not bind the cat to the bacon.

Put the cat at the bacon?About my dead corpse.

That depends on many things, the appearance in itself does not do so much in the matter, it is more symbolic of her experience.

The question is what friendship means to you and in particular friendship with other women.How do you cope with flirting, sexual tension? How much do you share with other women and what time do you invest in it? Personally, you could weigh yourself to what extent your contact with women but also other friends and family would impair your dedication to your partner.

This is about expectations that you have to each other and to what extent you are communicating.Instead of discussing bans, you can better raise what your partner needs from you and make it work. It is essential in many romantic relationships to really take time for each other and know what makes you really feel special. Perhaps a study of the five languages of love is a suggestion as a couple.


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To my knowledge, the answer is quite simple.

I will illustrate it with a few hypothetical situations:

  • Suggest that the man is the one who forbids his partner to go out, because then she can meet more attractive men.
  • Suggest that the man does not want his partner to defiantly dress outside his presence.
  • Suggest that the woman should not have male friends, because they are cheating otherwise.
  • Suggest that the man obliges his partner to show her phone activity to him every day.

What do all these situations have in common?

Cross-border behaviour, the hijacking of autonomy.Only, because one of the two cannot trust the other and check her will.

Of course, the feeling of jealousy is normal.Everyone experiences that.

Where the problem lies is in expressing it.”I find it hard to go that you have beautiful girlfriends” or “you have to truncate all your ties with girlfriends, because you are cheating otherwise”.

In conclusion, I find that the suggestion in the question is incorrect.

No.Your partner should never decide who you can or will not be friends with. To speak about a friend, give reasons why he/she likes or dislike Hema/her, no problem. But in this case it seems to me that there is a serious problem of jealousy.

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