Is it healthy to talk to yourself?

Is it healthy to talk to yourself?

“Talking with yourself” itself is not the problem, but the reason why you do it can be one.

First, we distinguish the inner from the outer monologue.The outer monologue is an example of a narrative form on stage. That is probably not meant here. We come to a variant.

We all know the inner form of the monologue when we go through the shopping list in spirit in the supermarket, when we dial a telephone number, or when we type something, or on the keyboard, and we speak the text.

That, too, is probably not meant.Although there is already an essential clue in this. Self-talk helps us sort our thoughts. Thinking is much faster than speaking or even reading, and so we reduce thoughts speed so that we can fully grasp a thought and think to the end. If we did not do this, the thought would immediately evaporate.

Then there is autocommunication.Here is the reason of fundamental importance.

There are thought processes that everyone has.One thing went wrong at work, it becomes a sense and you think for yourself “You got it great again, really great, really spike, really great!!” and grumbles.Or you actually did something very good, make a winning pose and ask loudly in the round without expecting an answer: “Why am I so good all the time? STRIKE!!”

So, or in variants, everyone has it, which in my opinion is also no problem.In fact, there is even research suggesting that smarter people tend to have more self-talk than those who are more prone to mental calm.

It becomes problematic when you lose control.When you’re on the bus and you’re always buzzing. His environment has to constantly comment or even thinks aloud in general.

“Did I make the stove?I forget to make the stove out more and more often. I don’t even know what the stove is all about. Did I make the stove out? Shit I don’t know. Is the stove off?”

This “in-circle thinking”, sometimes even loud.

Where possible in the heightened form, that you don’t even notice that you are talking, but the others hear it.

“Boah looks the shit.’Ne hairstyle like a burst sofa corner. No honest, I don’t want to hang dead over the fence. But when she immediately steps on her eye rings, she goes capeister anyway.”

If you have such thoughts and don’t notice that you are speaking them out loud, then it can get really embarrassing.

However, the inner and outer monologue can also merge into one another.Due to existing thought structures, the inner feeling of discomfort slowly increases outwardand becomes anger, hoping to form majorities for one’s own conception in the near environment.

The following example shows this very nicely.

(The beginning is still harmless, but then….)

In this variant of “co-self-speech”, i.e. moaning, swearing or swearing, other mechanisms come into force.

If you like to mob something, you have to pay attention to your inner attitude.Those who do this because they can’t do anything else will sooner or later be confronted with health problems, because the anger as a traffic jam in the body can become tense, convulsive, especially in the heart area. Cortisol levels rise and are not degraded by this method, which in turn can lead to deposits and other diseases.

But especially in the southern areas we often see two bus drivers in a narrow bend yelling at each other who is allowed to drive first.It goes on for 10 minutes and suddenly the matter is settled, both are completely relaxed and no stress is left. Cortisol has been successfully degraded, there is not even a small mouth left behind. That’s very healthy moaning again.

It is also important, just by the way, that both mob.Cortisol is a pain-depling hormone and it wouldn’t be particularly wise to give up. Why do you want to deal with these pains of verbal attacks, no one would have an advantage from it. So at the point also sometimes controlled but sustainably back-to-back, that then everything settles down faster.

Even if it was as if the outsider had not been having self-talk at all, that is not really true.Everyone had to get out what was to be bludwithhed out, only then did the two listen again. So actually the two had quite a self-talk, which only at the end of the mob went into a dialogue.

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