Is it healthy to suppress sexual desires?

No-about Freud’s whole neurosis is based on this.Of suppressing you become neurotic (says Freud).

It is a good idea to channel sexual desires, otherwise it will be a mess.Sexuality is a dead ordinary aspect of a human being and the task is to deal with it adequately. That is to say: do not completely give free hand, do not completely suppress. Either: Sometimes giving free hand, sometimes suppressing.

It is generally assumed that sexual desires are not to suppress, at least, not permanently.People who pretend it can (cf the Catholic Church) cheat themselves and wring themselves into nasty and unwanted curves. Life becomes simpler if you accept yourself as a sexual being and look for a socially acceptable form of appearance.

Yes, the pastor will find it right!

Just do your thing otherwise you become Kriegel I have sublimined all the photografy for too long then you become mad by themselves.

I think not.I have experienced this myself.

After years (at least 14 years) I have recently been able to express my sexual desires, and I have to say that a good weight of my shoulders has been removed.

I have had to suppress it for many years, it is no longer a thing, there is a point that you just want to lose, that it is accomplished.

Then there will be a point you have to lose.If this fails, then (sexual) frustration builds up.

To be healthy in mind, you must be able to express your sexual desires.In any case, I feel a lot better.

No.As a sincere Christian, I believed for years that that was my sacred duty. With blood, sweat, tears and other bodily fluids. Not forgetting pills, sermons, medications and exorcism. Who thinks you can be a straight in church… Unfortunately peanut butter, which is also squeezed off. Of course, I generalize here, from the rotten apples. But the combination sex and belief is still an exciting-in negative sense.

From my childhood already hypersexual and hopeless hetero, which is also associated with high sensitivity, a pressor ADHD and an ENFP personality (see Google, MBTI personalities).Sometimes it seems like you have to choose between castration and debauchery-whatever I have considered, frankly.

God showed me a third way, the reasonable alternative.Sober with compassion for passion. Nothing wrong with pornography, fantasy, sex toys and individual gratification, provided you remain respectful to people and women and can continue to distinguish imagination and reality. In hindsight I am actually still very good in my expressions.

Enfin, my personal experiences, contacts with people, Study of theology and questions that kept on hanging let me grow to a different perspective on sexuality, relational integrity and theological ethics.I am now more concerned with the essence than rectilinear posturing on rigid details and rules, which some Christians believe must obey.

In short: Be hot, because God is Randy

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What does the Bible say about it?

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