Is it good to pay taxes?

It is an absolute privilege to be able to pay taxes.

Provided they are spent only for the good of the nation.We now assume that there is no corruption and that the state only makes meaningful investments. There is a compulsion to pay taxes, but only because of the few who have not yet grasped the benefits of a regulated state.

We owe it to our taxes that the state does not try to raise money for its own livelihood in all possible ways.It does not have to impose high tariffs that are crippling the economy. He does not have to take entrepreneurial risks in order to generate money through state-owned enterprises. State-owned enterprises are not normally profitable, as they are intended to benefit citizens without sucking them out. The state does not have to invade its neighbours in order to obtain foreign currency.

What has the SED leadership left untouched to blackmail Westmark from the FRG and its own citizens?

The state can focus on providing adequate infrastructure.

Roads, electricity and water, every German can use affordable. Hospitals and pensions deprive life of a considerable part of its many risks. We can focus more on ourselves. The police and army provide protection against crime and enemies. The social system can preserve social peace. In case of problems in the country, there are registered demonstrations. You don’t see an army of unemployed people marching through the streets and looting shops. There are no guerrilla groups from neglected fringe groups. The lives of the population are becoming more livable and predictable.

Then there is the education system.I am not even talking about higher education. Maintaining compulsory education alone is worth paying taxes. Every new generation of potential cavemen is made up of valuable fellow citizens. They keep the state alive when you have already become in need of care. But you profit from an educated youth long before you end your life.

The school is not just there to prepare students for their roles in the labour market.

Every state, whether democratic or authoritarian, uses the education system to carry out propaganda for itself. The children are canvases filled with basic rules, values and views before they realize it. Later, what is learned is regarded as truth. Your taxes are civilizing the people you’re going to share the sidewalk with today and tomorrow.

If the children did not go to school, our country would look different.The alternatives would be private tuition or private village/district schools at best. The state would have no control over the content or quality of teaching. Political education is mediated by third parties who can teach any radical view as absolute truth.

Each country has a certain proportion of people who reject the system in its present form.In Germany, these would be supporters of radical groups such as THE NPD, MLPD or APPD. Now imagine they are running their own primary schools. This guaranteed them the most loyal young talent and constantly growing membership numbers. There would be more and more initiatives from all directions to overthrow the existing system or to adapt it to one’s own ideas.

So what would a country without taxes make?

  • A rudimentary infrastructure
  • A decentralized health care system, depending on donations
  • No protection against external enemies
  • Citizens’ militias to protect against crime

and the worst:

  • Groups whose fanatical members are exposed to lifelong indoctrination.

One feels transported to the Neolithic period, when each settlement was for itself and only occasionally visited the neighbors to trade with them or to smash their heads.

You could also live in this way, but hardly anyone wants more.

Note: Tax growth and tax waste can, of course, be discussed.

This is best done in the Bundestag, built and kept running by taxes.

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