Is it good for a company to keep a weekly drink or are there any disadvantages?

The biggest drawback I can think of is that there are employees with a sip on the traffic going in.

For the rest I join in with what P.Van Acker says.

Depending on the corporate culture.There is nothing wrong with that in principle. But I would be great beware with alcohol anyway. Before you know it, you say things that you will regret afterwards.
Preferably do it during service hours.A small sacrifice for a better return.
Look at it as a non conventional meeting.As a business manager you can increase cohesion and despite the fact that the topics of discussion are free, you will find that a lot of work-related material is being discussed spontaneously. He will also see all the layers of the company. Slumbering problems can be discussed and emerging problems can be smothered in the bud (bullying at work for example) by making it negotiable and possibly indicating the consequences.
We did it daily right after the parade at a coffee (approx.15芒 鈧?虏). That gave the opportunity to see the people who were in charge of the execution of the training and so last minute-changes could be discussed.
Trimestrieel a cohesion drink was held at a higher level (full unit) to welcome the newcomers, to thank the abandonment (dynamic course) and to indicate the objectives.

Different ways to look at it.On the one hand, it is of course good that a company where Collega芒 鈧劉 s can find it so well, that brings a positive atmosphere which is likely to benefit the operating result. On the other hand, it could be that there are Collega芒 鈧劉 s who cannot keep up with Zo芒 鈧劉 n drink. Someone could misbehave. They do it by that evening something inappropriate to do or (as others notice) on the way home.

A ritual to do something from the company every week seems less appropriate to me.To choose a time at a large assignment or delivery once to celebrate some more. Then there is a good reason to drink with Collega芒 鈧劉 s a glass. I would especially leave it there.

The disadvantage is something that I myself experienced with a previous employer.The director worked in Utrecht and Amsterdam but had to drive from Breda every day. So he came mainly on Friday.

In addition, things were not too best, which resulted in a drink addiction.Luckily he worked so mostly at home so that was not a big problem. In the afternoon he was only less accountable than in the morning…

Except on Fridays because he also came bubbling.The bottle of whiskey at his office opened early but no one really noticed that. But during the drink there was also the necessary beer to enter and then he had to return home again. All the way to Breda芒 鈧?娄

Luckily, that was usually good, except that time he got a check and could not be in the office for some time…
But after the driving ban was lifted again the whole started again…
As a staff you could not do anything about that, because otherwise you came on the street.You are trying to keep the company running, knowing it’s going bad. And for various Collega芒 鈧劉 s it was just a good time to go to work. Company walked so slowly…

Bubbling is nice and cozy but if there is alcohol to look at then it is careful with staff and management where possible drinking problems can exist.Or arise, because one stays cosy by bubbling…

Another employer did better.It provided alcohol-free beer, soft drinks and bitterballs and other snacks and chips. Cozy, so, without drunkenness.

A Friday drink has the advantage that the staff comes into contact with each other and thus closes better friendships.One learns to know each other and may share certain interests. And it will benefit the cooperation.

But in addition to intoxications, there may also be conflicts during such shorts because two collega芒 鈧劉 s that may not come together in the Hall… and that is another part…

For those who do not like it, it is not an obligation.You can just keep doing your work and go home in time. It is a moment for yourself. Very useful for people with light autisme芒 鈧?娄:)

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