Is it ethical to use euthanasia?

Euthanasia is both the

1.implementation of racial hygiene, as well as and passive euthanasia.

Both are completely different things.

The former is ethically reprehensible, but also scientifically unsustainable.The idea of racial anigenie, i.e. not sorting out “living” life, arose when scientific progress revealed that there are hereditary diseases. Then the idea arose not to allow carriers of these hereditary diseases or hereditary defects to reproduce, or to allow them to reproduce. in extreme cases as “useless to kill. This view, which was to be derived from Darwinian teaching, is unscientific for at least two reasons.

Every sexually multiplying living being, that is, also man, receives with the fertilization two sentences of genetic information on the way, that of the mother and that of the father.For each characteristic, either the genetic information of the mother or that of the father is used. There is no mixture. The new DNS strands of the descendants are generated binary. some combination of traits lead to the natural death of the fetus, some lead to “undesirable” traits that at least negatively affect, or make impossible, the survival (fitness for life) of the offspring.

The perserated man, i.e. also convinced “Aryan”, is the bearer of several hundred such defects.Most “diseases” and “defects” are recessive in nature, i.e. they do not occur when the other “healthy” half of the genetic information overwrites them. However, it is still inherited. Only if the genetic information matches the same gene is the wrong information read out and provides an “abnormal” property.

The most famous example from history is the Habsburg chin.Marriage policy led to relative marriage and inbreeding, since both parents carried the “sick” gene, and ultimately probably to the extinction of the clan.

What are these gene defects?These include things that affect or make metabolism impossible, or even require severe limitations. Also such things as the “wrong sex” belong to it, down syndrome, the “wrong hair color”, a lump foot, a hare chart, the HD syndrome, etc. Where do we draw a line? In many areas, the “wrong sex” was and is a cause of killing and abortion. I know a little girl who the mother knew before birth that the child would probably be born with a hare chart. The girl was born with an extreme form of this malformation. She has had surgery once, a second operation is pending, then you will hardly notice the defect. The little girl gives her parents a lot of joy and proved to be very awake and intelligent. At the age of 7, she understands three languages. That is more than twice the average. Should they have been aborted or killed after birth?

Euthanasia is not in a position to curb the spread of hereditary diseases, because then we would have to exclude the whole of humanity from reproduction.Moreover, genes are subject to evolution, and this is “inventive”, it constantly produces new genetic defects, i.e. potential hereditary diseases. Most variations are not viable (>90%) and lead to the death of the fetus (before it has propagated).

The approach of euthanasia is therefore completely nonsensical scientifically and ethically reprehensible for this reason too.(In my opinion, ethics should be based on science; vice versa.)

The second case is more difficult to answer.The term euthanasia for “death aid” is hardly used in Germany. The reasons are to be found in the story. The difference between passive and active euthanasia is a maginal one, in my opinion it is based on cowardice. Doing something, or condoning it, is the same thing!

If a person’s proven free will decides to kill himself, then one should or must comply with it.The law provides for very severe restrictions in Germany. Incidentally, the Christian Church has also contributed to this taboo situation here. Man’s hand must not destroy what God’s hand has created. In other cultures, suicide is a more rational or even honourable process. The discussion on this is now and then made it into the media and is very controversial. An indicator that the topic is not finished.

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