Is it easy to make money online and if so, why?

No, it’s easy to start an online business.But marketing this is far from easy. I feel you need to spend a lot more time and money developing good products and letting people share your vision and making your customers brand ambassadors. Take Uber as an example, the alternative to switching to another company like Lift can happen in a few minutes.

My ideas on the subject:

How do I start an online business?

New concepts on how to make money online.Build your own online business. Today I only share my ideas with you and ask for comments, because based on the article I would like to give you experiences again and again.

So what is the best concept for you?

Many want to be freer.Be independent and still make money from it. Just like me. However, learning is in the foreground at the moment and I try different areas to discover my “talent”. Can be a rocky road.

Many want to achieve what others have been working for years.I want to play in the NBA, but I’ve never had a basketball in my hand. I want to have 20 houses in the world, but I haven’t taken a step in the direction to achieve my goals.

So rule number one in online business:

Passion is not everything.But it makes a lot of difference with full passion to be there with something. So you also find more supporters and people who share visions with you.

A lot of gurus always say, find your passion.Then do something and then earn money with it. Step two would be familiar to me and anyway what is this passion at all.

So which online business should you or I start?

How do you know which one is best?Or rather best suits one. I think we should try a lot and just give ourselves a kick and start with something.

Here are a few examples of how you can become online millionaires:

Low Prices for Electronics & Photo, Movies, Music, Books, Games, Toys & More

Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons and More | Ebay

or other great things that come to mind.

So there are so 6-10 or more different ways to earn money online.I’ll show you a few times.

1.Online Course

2.Offer a service

3.Sell a product

4.Members Websites (Facebook)

5.Affiliate Marketing


7.Create events

8.Be creative there’s much more

So here are some things you can do today to build an online business.

9.Creates a blog

10.Set up an online shop

11.Sells things on ebay.

that’s how it was for today.In the next articles, I will go into more detail about the individual areas.

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