Is it easier to generate matter from energy or energy from matter? Is matter a ‘waste product’ of energy?

What is matter actually?

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Of course, physics is looking for ???Conservation sizes! -> Conservation set – Wikipedia and meets 1 to 2 things: mass (physics) – Wikipedia and/or inertia – Wikipedia that inhabitalles all material objects.

So we call everything that has mass and/or inertia matter !?

Intuitively, matter is massive, to “touch”.

In nature there is at least a process that constantly generates energy from matter, the radioactive decay (Radioactivity 鈥?Wikipedia) . This is as simple as it can be, runs by itself !

Conversely, this is rather more difficult….

How light can be converted intomatter.

American physicists created matter from pure light for the first time

We can still touch the billiard ball, bear lobe spores 鈥?Wikipedia still see.Under the light microscope, with X-rays or electron beams, we obtain images by diffraction (physics) 鈥?Wikipedia and scattering (physics) – Wikipedia of even smaller objects.Particle accelerators do roughly the same thing at even higher energy levels and can therefore “see more sharply”.

Whenever we find a new structure in a small object to date (dust – molecule – atom – atomic nucleus – baryon – quark – ???) we lose a part of the mass that is found in the energy of the components.The mass of the proton is 96% the “movement energy” of the quarks contained.

However, we cannot completely do without the resting mass, these smallest particles are then elementary (Elementary Particles 鈥?Wikipedia).

Quantum physics uses only the term field (field (physics) – Wikipedia) to describe these particles (wave-particle-dualism 鈥?Wikipedia) itself and their interactions and in the standard model all particles are massless.Mass is available through the Higgs mechanism – Wikipedia.

The inherent inertia of the particles describes the general theory of relativity in geometric alformity, but completely forgets the particles and only deals with sources of a gravitational field; Source term here is the energy-impulse-stress-tensor(energy-impulse-tensor 鈥?Wikipedia, the mass hides at the far left).

therefore.This often seems to be the case with the ‘waste product’.

Matter and energy are actually the samething.Nevertheless, or precisely because of this, we can only imperfectly separate the manifestations at each level of our observation.

The most elementary descriptions of our reality are the field (physics) – Wikipedia and space-time – Wikipedia.

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