Is it better to get divorced in the USA or Germany and why?

I am not a lawyer, but I am a divorced (and remarried — sorry, Anne Hathaway, I am unfortunately forgiven) American in Germany, whose brother unfortunately also had to go through a maintenance and custody fight in court in America.

It depends on whether you are (hetero) man or woman, and if which state of the Usa you are. Because there are big differences between the various states. Whether you have children also matters — and whether you want to be fair or prefer to win high.

In general, family law is more progressive in Germany than in the USA when it comes to divorce (but that does not mean that everything is suppited in Germany!).In some states, women are still considered the poor victim who needs financial support because women don’t go to work and have to look after the children, no matter what the reality.

In some states, there is even (at least indirectly) the question of divorce.Those who were “guilty” can expect conditions and disadvantages in divorce.

In the USA under the common law system, judges have extensive powers and powers, much more than in Germany.As a result, the exact course of a divorce in the US can vary greatly from judge to judge — and here too there are significant differences between states.

If you’re stinky and your ex-partner isn’t, you can afford a super lawyer in the US who knows all the tricks… but chances are that this will backfire and most of your assets will be allocated to your ex, possibly.aliments is also arranged (again because woman stands barefoot in the kitchen). The Düsseldorf table in Germany is certainly not perfect, but at least it creates some insight and predictability, and Alimente has been more or less abolished in Germany.

However, I assume that “marriage for all” will bring with it a huge wave of change in the USA.

Apart from that, a divorce is usually much cheaper (but not necessarily faster) in Germany.America is a legal paradise and correspondingly expensive. In Germany, on the other hand, there is even legal aid, so that no one is too disadvantaged.

So if you’re (hetero) a woman and you really want to pay it back to your ex-husband, get divorced in a conservative state in the US (unless your ex-husband has solid evidence of your affair and you don’t have anything like that).You’re very likely to “win” at home.

If you are (hetero) man, for God’s sake, divorce in Germany or in one of the progressive states.Even then you don’t necessarily have good cards — even in Germany there may be pre-adopted judges and youth offices. (Of course, this may be in the man’s favor, but in my observation the woman is still generally regarded by such as a helpless victim.)

If you are gay, then Germany is probably better, simply because of the lower costs.

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