Is it a problem for you as meat substitutes are called meat names (for example: ‘ Slavink ‘, ‘ vegetable chicken ‘ or ‘ bacon ‘)?

A slave is not a meat substitute.That is a piece of meat (minced with bacon) that has an unclear name, it is NOT a lettuce and NO tick.

And what do you think of baby oil?There is no baby in it. Kittens drop without kittens? Or the pink bacon? They are not made of pigs but of sugar. Burgers are made from beef, not from pig (and therefore not from ham).

For generations, names have not been correct, now that they are meat substitutes, a problem is not made.And that is under the influence of the meat industry who feel threatened.

I am opposed to literally taking over the name, like Speck (from the vegetarian butcher).What I am for, as it clearly gives is the vegetarian/vegetable salad (substitute) to mention.

Here are a few things immediately clear:

  • What it replaces/mimics.
  • That it is vegetal/vegetarian.

A whole new name tells me nothing about what it replaces and it is sometimes not clear that it is Vega. Indeed, vegetarian is not only useful for vegetarians, but also for people who eat kosher or halal, or people with an animal protein allergy.

No, if it is clear that it is a meat substitute.

If you go into one of the big Chinese shops poking around they have in their freezer box many fake burgers, fake soup meatballs (which are yummy, but expensive!), fake shrimp, fake fish, fake chicken nuggets, fake beef jerky, fake chicken legs, net spare ribs Packaging, for clarity there is always su (绱?= vegetables)

Vegetarian Mock

or vegan

On the packaging.

My wife is a vegetarian, and I am omnifront.

So I regularly buy both meat and meat substitutes. I have NEVER been confused with the two. Moreover, every reasonable person understands that the brand name “The vegetarian butcher” does not refer to a butcher who routinely cuts a pig into pan-ready pieces, and throws a slice of tofu into the pan at home.

So it is no problem for me.The packaging is always clear. It is the consumer’s fat responsibility to take a second look at the product before it is thrown into the cart.

As I wrote in another answer, it seems to me 芒 鈧?虄plantadige < meat type > 芒 鈧劉 not a good idea.Meat is meat, vegetable is not meat.

The idea to put it 芒 鈧?虄vega芒 鈧劉 seems to me to be better.Even clearer: 芒 鈧?虄vegetarische芒 鈧劉 for that. Most clearly: 芒 鈧?虄vegetarian < meat type > Replacger芒 鈧劉.

I find Vegetarians eating meat substitutes so sneu.It’s yourself fapping for advanced and so unnecessary.

It seems nice, finally a group of people who think about wisely dealing with food, and then buy them still processed food.

And I find the vegetarian butcher a dick.Because ‘ ie without paying my work abused for an advertising expression: (Forget Arian-here in our own Volkskrant section)

No, but handy anyway if you have an idea how it tastes.

Not be bothered at all as long as the inscription on the packaging is clear. I don’t want to come home accidentally.

There are people who call hamburgers burgers because they think burgers are made with ham.This is not at all the case, burgers are named after the city of Hamburg. A burger has nothing to do with ham.

If meat substitutes are called to meat products, this could also lead to misunderstandings.I advocate, for example, to put Vega in order. For example, you would call a Buinessman than Vega sleeper.

Personally, I have no problems with this, but this could lead to misunderstandings among certain people.

I hope this has answered your question.Thank you for asking me this question C茅line D茅camps (C茅line D茅camps ‘).

I find it unpleasant, because I do not like food that pretends to be something else.I like to cook vegetarian, and in those dishes I don’t need “vegetable bacon”. My vegetarian friends would certainly not appreciate being confronted with something that is trying to look like meat. Bah.

Bacon is bacon, tofu is tofu, and chicken is chicken.

Honest food has its own honest name and does not try to be anything else.And I like to eat honest food. Fortunately, this is still good in the Netherlands, even in the regular supermarkets.

In case of doubt a rule of thumb: do not buy or eat what your grandmother would not have recognized as good food.And my grandmother was and wide-minded, also regarding food.

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