Is it a good idea to add a passport photo to a RESUME? Does your CV contain a passport photo?

Many acquaintances of mine do not want a passport photo on their RESUME. However, I have ever received the advice of an intercedent and consultant to place a passport photo on my RESUME. My prospective employers are curious to see me and they get to see me once.In addition, you can present yourself with your Passport photo representative. They already know that I am ‘ exotic ‘ because of my surname.

In addition, if you enroll in a temporary employment agency, a photo of you will always be taken.Often the quality of this photo that is made with a webcam is not to write home about. If you have a nicer photo, it is advisable to upload it yourself.

On Quora you are also advised to use your own photo.But that’s another question.

So the answer to your original question is: Yes and yes.

I hope I have answered this question.Thank you for asking me this question Bastiaan achthoven (Quora user).

That depends very much on the type of job and the company you are applying for.I think that the and representative in cosmetics is essential and in a biomedical process technologist totally irrelevant.

Usually not.No.

The only purpose of your RESUME in an application is to be invited to a conversation.A RESUME should contain exactly that information that a new employer shows that they should really speak to you. Only in very exceptional cases will your passport photograph serve this purpose. The probability is much greater that the difference is made by mentioning the relevant experience of the past, with an emphasis on (preferably quantitative) things you have achieved in the past for employers (or in volunteer work).

To add things that do not matter, “do not benefit from it then harm it”.When reviewing stacks of Resumes, you need to help them, not trying to distract attention with non-contributing parts. So especially no passport photo if IE does not serve that particular purpose to get an invitation to a conversation, and also no meaningless summary like “I am a team player with a good sense of collegiality”, or a goal like “top performance Where I can be proud of the rest of my career “.These are not distinctive things to which a future employer will invite you.

Don’t forget the cover letter: The only purpose that has been to get the future employer to read your RESUME.

It is not compulsory, but for functions where communication is key, it is useful.On LinkedIn it is now common; Most of the people posted a photo and many recruiters look at your LinkedIn profile. On your RESUME you can place (almost) the same photo.

However, it is advisable to place a professional photograph and fit in your work setting.

It is not common to attach a photo to a RESUME.

Some companies ask candidates to send a photo with them.I don’t have the impression that this often happened.

Normally you do not need to place a passport photo on your CV.

Companies are trying to circumvent privacy laws in every area, to make the unofficially compulsory, as the demand for employers is much smaller than the offer.

Well, if you’re handsome though, and if you’re very ugly don’t.

Attractive People Are Simply More Successful

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