Is it a coincidence that Germany has caused or sits the two World Wars (sat?) there a certain war sigh in the German genes?

Who says that Germany has caused 2 world wars?

Germany has, in a way, caused the 2nd World War, but I do not think we can say with certainty that Germany really is guilty of the First World War.

The First World War began when Gavrilo Princip murdered the crown prince Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary.

Austria-Hungary verified its military alliance with Germany to ensure its position, and after Germany’s assurance that they would assist Austria-Hungary in all military matters, Austria-Hungary proposed a number of Requirements for the Serbian government after the murder of Franz Ferdinand.

Serbia verified its alliance with Russia, and strengthened in their position by the Russian affirmation, ignored these demands.

Tensions between Austria-Hungary and Serbia ran high, and in the end it came to a discharge when a Serbian regiment came too close to the border of Austria-Hungary.Austria-Hungarian soldiers shot in the air to chase this regiment, and when this was reported as a serious incident to the Government of Austria-Hungary, that Serbia declared war.

Because Germany was allied with Austria-Hungary, they also declared war on Serbia.

Because Russia allied with Serbia, Germany and Austria-Hungary declared war.

France and Russia had (long before) concluded a treaty whereby, if one of the three Central Powers of Europe (Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy) were to declare war on one of the two, the other would indent, so France Germany and Austria-Hungary explained the war.

Because there is only such a small border between France and Germany, Germany invaded Belgium to create a larger border with France to be able to fight against France better.

Belgium had an alliance with Great Britain, which thus declared war on Germany.

For instance, the murder of one person became one giant clusterfuck called “The First World War”, because all those countries in their respective colonies also fought against each other in a naturals way.

Well just ask yourself honestly the question: Was this the fault of Germany?

I personally do not think so.Nevertheless, Germany, perhaps because it was the first (or the only) to have invaded an unrelated country, became the great Pispaaltje of the world after the defeat of the Central Powers in Europe.

The country was obliged to pay the damage to the world, which had been done by the war, and the resulting economic dip was the reason Hitler got so many followers, all the way in the next generation of Germans, who were child during the First World War.They did not find it fair that they had to pay for the mistakes of their ancestors.

In that period of unrest and indignation, Hitler came to power, who promised to make the German people great again, and went on to take up countries.When he went into it, the 2nd World War broke out.

This can be said, in a certain way, that it was the “fault” of Germany, but this could never have been if Germany had not been treated so badly after the First World War.In fact, there was a period when it went bad with Germany, and Hitler got followers. Then the weather went better with Germany, and Hitler lost all his power (I think he even had a time in jail during that period). Then the weather went less with Germany, and Hitler came back-and this time he stayed…

After all these details about the situation, do you think that in the genes of the Germans there is a kind of innate thing for war?

I don’t think so.

If you still doubt, look for some information on the Milgram experiement or about the Stanford Prison Experiment, or the film “Die Welle”, and you will see that the ability for cruelty, and the tendency to follow a strong leader, sits in all of us.

EDIT: Thanks to Achim Steigert for the tip to add “Das Experiment” to the list of sources for psychological experiments conducted in this area.This is a film that is very strongly based on the “Stanford Prison Experiment”. I have also seen the film once and had forgotten it in my original answer.

There is certainly no war in a German.What was present, and not only in Germany, was a militaristic society. In comparison with BVB Austria or Russia, Germany was even more ‘ soft ‘. Germany still had a taste that did not belong to the army while in the other two countries no one could make a career in society without belonging to the army.

How can you think/say something like that now?That tends to be downright to racism. That’s it too. How can now in a whole population of a neighbour of ‘ us ‘ (because I come from BeligiŠ»Ť and I do not know where you come) are a warlike gene? Seriously, I think that is a tendency towards racism. Have you perhaps forgotten the Dutch concentration camps in India, where there seems to be more death than in the nazist? Or the Belgian colonial history in Congo, with ‘ Handjes truncate ‘ and Enzo?

Man man, why do they abolish so many hours of history in school?One sees its importance no longer in… Besides historical knowledge, even social insight. Why is there still no teaching psychology/human behavior at school? We might be able to live a little Better Together?

Sorry for my experience.After all the beautiful, interesting answers, I wanted to mention this anyway.

The fact that Germany was central to the two world wars is certainly not a coincidence.The Treaty of Versailles imposed a lot of reparation payments on Germany, and when a man promised to do all the obligations and give Germany another prominent position in Europe, it did not make the Germans so much that that man was Hitler. He had even written an entire book explaining the essence of the problem. It has nothing to do with German genes, it is mainly a chain reaction from the first one that brought about the second.

The European gene pool is not so different that one can speak of genetic predisposition to European nations.Furthermore the German language is the Verlvolkenstaat which has become only 1871 a unit. The Netherlands consists of Frisians and Batavians, Germany from Schsen, Prussian Bavaria, Alemannen, Frisians etc.

Not in the genes, but in the culture.There was a tradition of Prussian militarism. WO 2 and the period before (occupation Rijnland, Sudetenland) were a retaliation for the humiliating Treaty of Versailles. And… Hitler was not even a German.

Very likely coincidence.Germany as a unitary state has only arisen in the 1800 + century. Before that, France was actually the most warmongering state in Europe. The second (European) World War is actually more as a consequence of the first Genesis. And the second actually consisted of two wars that had a limited deal.

No hear blame lag on both said.Especially the Second World War is to a large extent the fault of the Allies and their claim for reimbursement of the German people.

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