Is Islam a religion of peace?

Religion is irrelevant in today’s secular society, and no imam incites himself to blow himself up, as is the normal priest of the local church.

One does not have to be a Muslim in order to touch the Koran, just as every atheist is allowed to read the Bible and every Catholic is allowed to read Ludwig Feuerbach’s theses on religious criticism.

Nor is there anywhere in the Koran that one should force someone to become a Muslim.

The abandonment of religious values as the guiding principle is important, as in Europe during the Enlightenment.It is not the case that there were no pogroms against Jews in Europe every time the harvest failed.

There is also the Lord’s Resistance Army, a Christian terrorist organization, and the Black Tigers, a Buddhist one.

The states in the Middle East are not theocrats except For Iran, and as much as elsewhere, ISIL and Al Qaeda are regarded as terrorist organizations in Syria, Turkey, Iraq, the Gulf States and Afghanistan.

The Bible is always said not to be taken literally and it is outdated, so it is also for the Koran.


Since it seems that some people cannot believe that there is Christian or other fundamentalism, I would like to add a few things to this answer.

The LRA is responsible for 100,000 deaths since its inception.

They became known mainly through their child abductions and child soldiers.They attack villages, kill their inhabitants and kidnap their toddlers.

Sometimes they cut off survivors’ arms and legs, maybe even their noses.

For visualization:

Caution, following pictures with severe disfigurements:








The survivors are crippled and traumatized until the end of their lives.

You can’t excuse something like that, and if anyone comes along and says, “That doesn’t exist,” I doubt humanity.

To what extent is religiously motivated murder less serious than others?

I recommend this ZDF documentary:

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