Is intelligence inherited?

So, for example, in our case, when both parents are highly gifted, according to the current state of research in terms of genetic inheritance, the question is not really “whether” our daughter is highly gifted, but actually only whether she ‘comes sooner after my wife’, or after me, or a combination of the two of us, where then (I call it) “the degree” of talent is not foreseeable.

The often mentioned interaction of genetics and the environment will not have such an impact on us either, since it grows up with two highly gifted people and therefore grows into an adequate and sufficiently stimulating environment through normal everyday life, in which the Parents (i.e. my wife and I) are aware of the special (and other) needs she has (we were also sometimes highly gifted children) and we will therefore neither underburden nor overwhelm them and thus they can (be) in the first years of life at least develop “normally”.

It became “difficult” and later it will be especially for our daughter, from the moment “society” comes into play (school, study, profession) and it is important that we as parents prepare them for it, so above all they do not exclude them, for example, by over-protects, but rather enable her to have normal social contacts, so that she (like us) can learn to move not only in a “highly gifted environment” safely, confidently and without fear, but also with all other people, relaxed, respectful, or if necessary. and unfortunately it is necessary) also learns to be confrontational and can interact meaningfully with all these people; because they will have to learn this, highly gifted people are rather rare and if you want to participate in social life, then in my opinion it is essential to be able to maintain binding friendships and contacts with other people and to learn to appreciate and love them. , even if differences in specific ways of thinking and thinking cannot be discussed away.But that’s just the way it is! and in principle it is also nothing but the difference between a very large and a very small person, who will also have their, from this physical characteristic, resulting idiosyncrasies and problems, but otherwise they are quite normal people.

Genetic research now assumes that most genes for intellect are found on the X-chromome, but also on the autosomes and, according to Prof.Horst Hameister Human Geneticist of the University of Ulm inherits according to Mendel’s rules of inheritance.

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Since, for example, in our case my wife is highly gifted and I too, our daughter, since she has inherited an X chromosome from me and X chromosome from my wife, is certainly a gift, whether this is perhaps such a special combination. , since the small number of remaining intelligence genes scattered on the autosomes is inherited from the two of us, are inherited and mixed, is uncertain, but quite possible.

And important for parents of highly gifted boys, a male highly gifted offspring can get his X chromosome from a not highly gifted mother, because the mother has two X chromosomes each and which of them in which cells (i.e. also in the neurons) ) is pure coincidence.X-inactivation takes place in humans between the 12-16 day of the embryonic phase and there the woman “decides” which X chromosome performs which functions in which cell, or whether, for example, both variants show up in brain cells.

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The X-inactivation lasts throughout life and remains stable in the cells, so it may be that a woman is descended from her highly gifted father, or her highly gifted mother, who have a not highly gifted partner and then (purely coincidentally X-inactivation) does not train a high-level talent, since the neurons are responsible for the X chromosome of the non-gifted partner and the other X remains inactivated as a so-called barr body at the edge of the cell.

In the germline of this woman, however, both X-chromosomes are still present and so it can be during fertilization, which, for example, will pass on to the son the X chromosome, which comes from one of the highly gifted grandparents and thus also parents, in which both have no highly talented, having a highly gifted child.

In the case of my daughter, however, an X chromosome is certainly active, which is responsible for the expression of a gift, because even if, for example, the inherited X chromosome of my wife (both parents are university teachers) has been deactivated in our daughter, but our daughter has a second X chromosome from me and since I am tested highly gifted, the probability that our daughter is, for example, standard-gifted, is practically zero, which was confirmed even after her testing with HAWIK IV and IQ 141.

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