Is Hessen’s ban on Office 365, iWork and Google Docs justified?


The country has already disclosed its reasoning and there is no lack of alternatives, so mMn is also shown the usefulness of this decision.Since this decision makes quite sense, I believe that it is perfectly justified and right.

Yes, it is more than just justified mMn, after all, there are more passable alternatives in which no data has to leave the EU or even Germany, but above all, where one knows what data is used where and how.

How has it been regulated without a cloud provider?

Schools usually have their own local servers, which can be equipped with enough external storage to enable storage on their own network.This allows students to entrust their data to their school, rather than to third parties. That was always the case at my school back then.

But there are situations where students have to access the assignments outside of school!

Yes, there’s always been something like that.In such cases, countries are welcome to offer their own cloud services for teaching institutions. For example, there is the Sciebo in NRW.Why do you need OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.? At worst, you can also run your own cloud solution at school. If the system administrator or computer science teacher at the school is unable to provide their ownCloud instance, then the students of this school are sorry one way or another.

Short excursion: This reminds me of my former computer science teacher, who said “yes, I can program, I can HTML”.HTML, HTML!Note: HTML is an award language, not a programminglanguage, but that’s what happens when you think math teachers can easily teach computer science. This is rather pathetic, but incompetence in schools is nothing new. But now back to the subject.

But we need the Office applications!

A rather banal objection, to be honest.Office365 offers little significant advantage for students over alternatives, because you can just as easily use the Office applications without a cloud solution. Then you just buy appropriate licenses for MS Office or go directly to the open-source alternative OpenOffice (and there are many other alternatives).

But we are used to it!

Students are also not used to dividing x through y until they are taught, and it is the task of the teaching staff to train themselves accordingly to teach the children.So this excuse is even more banal than the previous mMn.

So is there any other reason why the decision is not justified?

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