Is gravity the electromagnetic? And how does it become matter, anti-matter or mass, and why is the search for gravity illusory?

Is gravity the electromagnetic?And how does it become matter, anti-matter or mass, and why is the search for gravity illusory?

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I describe the opposite of gravity in the last article.

What is gravity?

The less one can agree on what holds the world together in its very heart, the more one agrees that the failure so far could lie in the fundamentals only in the fact that the right insight into the space-time-structure of the submicrocosm achieved.And if you formulate this in this way and still reject any answer that does not correspond to the old standard model of physics, then you should not read any more, because you already point too much. Because unfortunately I do not manage to create a feeling that is already full” is this feeling also a brain with seemingly infinite capacity.

So, because there is still no satisfactory insight, I thought about how to change the current model of contemplation without calling into question existing laws or theories.I described all this in my blog and the following answer is here only a very small excerpt of the bonitistic geometry.

Gravity can only be understood logically if I start with the description of a photon.

Gravity is the consequence of space curvature.I only recognize things in space as objects that move. These objects show their characteristic effect, as a point from which the three known dimensions (the 3D plane) are curved into another dimension (the 4D plane).

So let’s say again:
I only have the point and it moves always and ever at the speed of light.

!!!There is no more !!!

Other speed or other types of objects are just a mixture of this basic finding.Time is also involved in the speed, as well as the spatial direction of the movement. The obsolete model of contemplation of physics criminally ignores this, which will still turn out to be a serious error, because from this the mass and thus the long-sought gravitational interaction is completely unsubstantiated.

The object in question is a photon, the typical base model.The photon is therefore a special marking of space and that is what we understand as a curvature of space and thus justifies gravity. The complement of which is the space portion curved into the 4D plane represents the electromagnetic. I just answered that on Quora, so I recommend reading ‘ Isn’t Coulomb’s law the same as Newton’s gravitational formula?

I always illustrate this as a route or a horizontal dimension (X axis) that is curved into another vertical dimension (Y axis). The curved is now on the Y axis and the distance of the X axis is shorter by the amount. But the curvature itself follows a circular function, which means that a radius determines the depth of this curvature. This is not clear and comprehensible for everyone, so I offer you a link for a 3D here. Model of differential geometry, where you can move the perspectives with the mouse and if you try to form the red circle there, then you see that a circle can be represented both as a sine wave and as a cosine arc.Nevertheless, it remains only a perspective of the course of a circular function. But if you don’t follow the link, you don’t need to read any more, because to understand why I draw a circle, it is essential to understand how the circle can also be a wave.

However, the two ends of the horizontal black track of the X-axis will always come any later, because the missing amount of the grain in the vertical red Y-axis will correspond to larger ones.And that Y-axis then represents the electromagnetic effect, whereby the X-axis then shows the gravitational effects.

Now you can see what the space Krümmt overlooks but likes to overlook, that a small amount is taken from the whole room with it.

And that is what I now present as a great circle of the whole universe. This means that the more red circles are used, the more the black circle is reduced. The black circle thus represents the general gravity of the 3D plane and the object, on the other hand, has a spatially limited area of action with a more curved portion of space, which I call object gravity. At the same time, however, the electromagnetic complement of this object gravity has increased on the object at the 4D level and is now marked as a red circle.

However, since the whole thing already exists and does not have to arise first, as in the known scenario of the Big Bang mischief, all the size are therefore statically fixed and only the objects move with them with their mobile object gravity of their 3D plane and their electromagnetic Shares of the 4D level.

How does matter come into being?
Matter consists of bosons / fermions, which attract each other by their electromagnetic and gravitational properties and absto” each other.

I generalize bosons / fermions as a basic basic object and matter is then a composite of such objects that orbit each other.

The individual orbital orbits vectorially determine the direction and relative velocity of matter.

For example, if two objects are on a collision course of almost 180°, this can lead to a reciprocal circid.

In the image, the black arrows represent the gravitational effects and the red arrows represent the electromagnetic effects.

The red arrows are to be understood as the known magnetic field lines. In the centre, it is easy to see how the contrasting polarity provides distance, with gravity ensuring cohesion.

Anti-matter is merely an encounter that spins the other way around.Seen in this way, antimatter simply has to be understood as negated matter, such as right- or left-turning yogurt. Thus, the right-turning anti-matter is just bent to the right away from the Big Bang and the normal matter is bent to the left. And the matter that did not want to follow this principle found only anti-partners, which it disassembled back into its original particles.

When normal matter and anti-matter meet, the elements will find themselves just as attractive as they soon destroy themselves, because then they do not run together, but collide.

And because both objects are now moving at the speed of light, one object can no longer catch up with the other.

The gravity will direct all movements to the center, where in turn the magnetic effect provides the necessary distance and the polarity north and south pole now run one after the other. Such a thing is then a composite system, which we understood rather as a morphic field and generalized it simply called matter.

And in order for matter to move relatively in space, at least another object (yellow) must be introduced into the composite.

Thus, all orbits, vectorially summarized, form the relative motion and direction, which is captured by outside, although the inner movements and varying directions of the objects describe spiral paths.

In the same way, however, other objects can also penetrate the system, in order to stabilize the webs, for example, or glue them to the “™”tobe called gluon.And so everything continues to move at the speed of light. This also clarifies the problem of particle-wave dualism, because matter from objects or objects. consist of electromagnetic waves.

The mass – It is always just a vectorial size!

The property of mass and the object matter can capture and calculate the standard model, but not yet explain it, because the connection has not yet been recognized, but it is agreed that the model of the imagination is obviously not the problem is suitable to solve.

Therefore, you should not expect an answer, as you can usually fish them out of the Internet, but it is my most own interpretation of the known facts.

The first most important fact is that only matter has mass, and both are often equated.But on the one hand matter is the present object and on the other hand the mass is its future effect on movement in a gravitational field. Therefore, mass cannot be attractive because it is not a thing, but matter is the thing that is attractive.

Matter also has other effects outside of mass, including the gravitational and thus also the electromagnetic, as well as the inner spin, whereby this is now again associated with movement, from which also the mass prevails.There is therefore an inner movement, which must in any case represent a hindrance to the straight forward direction of the object. For a spin would certainly not be detectable if the inner directions of the movements all showed in the same direction.

And it is precisely with this direction of movement that we will have an instrument with which we can explain the disability.We also know this as inertia, i.e. to oppose the speed of light. Because if two horses pull on a cart but run in different directions, then the car will probably never be able to reach the maximum possible speed. And that is exactly what the mass should be.

But there was still this effect in a field of gravity.For mass, in other words, the rotating inner movement, does not represent the whole lot, but its special effect in a gravitational field. And that particular effect is the constant repetition of movement in a limited field of possible effects determined by the radius of its frequency. Gravity always affects movements only, whereby the distances towards the gravitational centre are always shorter and if the inner movements of the object constantly pass through the shorter distances, then this becomes the difference in the length of the distances towards gravitational Centre.

But there was also the increase in mass and speed at the end.The increase is merely the better alignment of the inner movements in a common direction and these can only be effected by other gravitational fields. The remarkable thing, however, is the enduring character of the direction of movement. Because the moving object retains this changed inner direction of the movements, because there are no resetting effects of its own. And with this, an as yet uninterpreted effect on what the whole world is looking for shows. It is a different way of transmission of the changing effects, i.e. not the effect changed by quantum, but the effect of a changed direction.

In concrete terms, this means that the search for the gravitational is illusory and the 2.type of interaction is carried over without substance.This is just described here is actually a sensation, but it is collectively ignored, you experience it live, never a layman will come and show the stinkfinger to the entire physical faculties.

Matter consists of more than one particle,
moving at the speed of light.

It does not matter what you want to call the particles, or what properties they have, because they only have to be several particles, only then the parts have a relationship to each other, namely the direction of motion.

But those particles will orbit each other. In quantum theory, this structure is regarded as the cloud of the still undetermined probabilities.

If now the inner particles are influenced by electromagnetic or gravitational fields, then this can change the direction of the inner movements (blue arrows), so that the vectors of the inner particles form another sum in the direction and velocity ( red arrow) . Because the sum of the speed of several particles at a constant light speed is always smaller than the speed of light.And the direction of movement now determines how fast that will be.

And now make sure that no pond is exchanged from matter to field or vice versa in any substantial way.

Mass is the vectorial sum of all the vector parameters involved of the inner particles of matter.It is a combined effect of movement and direction, which is particularly noticeable in a gravitational environment and thus resists the speed of light.

The effect mass:
When a photon crosses a very large gravitational field, it is deflected relatively low.Matter, on the other hand, is considerably distracted, because those inner objects, turning ways, the more cool stretches (towards the center), cross extremely frequently, therefore also much more frequently exposed to the “”attracting” ™ effect and the vector parameters therefore always have to be exposed to the effect of the reorientation. In the case of a photon, on the other hand, the direction of movement is only straight for once and therefore the “attractive” ™ effect only crosses once. Therefore, mass can only be detected (weighed) in matter, but in a photon the effect is too small to be determined as a mass.

The Atom:

An atom would also be matter, only there do not orbit individual quanta, but the individual elementary particles, where their inner quantums continue to draw their circles at the speed of light. I think this will become quite complex and only be simulated if you have all the basic data from the quantums involved.

So for the time being, the usual formulas will have to be reckoned with until my alternative model is reviewed. I think this only happens in the next 100 years, when the world has been so unsuccessful that even out of frustration, one seriously overstates even the alternative model.

How gravitative and electromagnetic is a wave and what is it at all?
A wave is a constantly recurring circular function and can take many forms from many perspectives. The most well-known form is the sine curve, which is derived from a circular motion.In the upper left corner of the picture you can see a circle with a red 2, to the left you see that it is a 45° rotated spiral and to the right it is 90° twisted and shows a sequence of sine curves. Not every possible perspective can be captured in this way, so here I offer you a link of a movable 3D model of a circle as a sine and cosine to try out all possible perspectives.

A wave can also be a loop on a whip that runs towards the end.

I illustrate this schematically with the animation as a running circle, which shows the course of all the smallest sections of a motion. It is concretely a curvature into the 4th dimension of the room with all its consequences, because similar to the whip one should be able to imagine that a stretched line of the whip is longer. The missing length has been curved into the circle and represents a shortening of the 3D plane, but that curvature is not linear, but runs from the center of the object to the edge sinusoidal and from the edge to the end of the universe with 1/r. This acts as gravity in the 3D plane. All routes to the center of the object are always a little shorter. This was a slight change. The magnetic consequences, however, are somewhat more complex to explain, because the 4th dimension likes to escape the unfamiliar consideration.

Nevertheless, it is not difficult to imagine the 4th dimension as a spatial one, because once the principle is recognized, it is mathematically quite simple.Because the line with the circle, the vibration, is rotated perking the direction of movement in any direction see the pictures with the blue numbers 1-4. Connected, the whole thing is twisted again by 90° from the rear point of the center to the front part.

The result is now a stretch swallowing something that devours the track in the front half (blind, negative ly) and spits out again at the back (good, positive).I hope that when you set up your imagination, you were reminded of a magnetic field. So you can see why things are tightening or abstinating, because the steady movement and their direction of movement removes them from each other or forces them to encounter.

The Helix Railway is only the orbit of a single Planck pixel that moves.

And if all pixels do this, then the entire object rotates around the axis of motion and also perks to it, which marks the 90° of the electric to the magnetic. The final object is a typical boson, the basic model of all the substantive things of our universe, which ultimately also has this form.

So I have now shown the connection of gravity to electromagnetism.The one is therefore only the downside of the respective other and on the same side only the correspondingly marked proportion of space, which we also call boson, but by no means anything separate substantial, which then again requires a separate explanation. And therefore to believe that an object without an electromagnetic or gravitational field is simply wrong, because science is looking for a unifying theory, that is, believes in the connection between EM and G field, but cannot prove it, because it has no way. finds to look over the edge of the plate.

This should also answer the question: what the world is at itscore.

Thus one can now assemble matter so that the basic objects always have electromagnetic and gravitational effect, therefore both bind and keep at a distance, see at the very top how matter arises.

Why does electromagnetism have two effects (attract and absto” as opposed to gravity with only one abstoesing effect.

I know that there are people who are cramped about the opposite of gravity.The answer would be:

If you dig a hole (fig. 1), a mountain is created next to it (Fig. 2).
Find something that, conversely, creates something like a mountain on the 3D plane and a hole in the magnetic plane, then you have your anti-gravity.

But this would not be possible, because in the magnetic plane it is only something that comes from the 3D plane, more than EVERYTHING you can not take, that is the problem.

Look at my universe then you always see both exists.You just have to understand correctly, then you can also see that all things of this universe have the same shape and are attractive and off-putting at the same time. The Big Bang is the place where you will find what you are looking for.

What would be the opposite of gravity?
I think the search for the opposite of gravity is the expansion of the universe.Who wants to contradict me?

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