Is God an atheist?

I have personally sent the following text by e-mail to the Federal Council and to all Swiss parliamentarians and the cantonal councils in an analogous text form.I was CEO of EIBA “Federal Bank”, Chairman of the Board of Directors of UBS Capital Schweiz AG, active in more than 20 boards in CH, D, F and GB. Guest lecturer at the FH-Luzern and the Vienna Technical Centre. and more than 10 years of FDP local party president with official activity in Mönchaltorf ZH. Retired with 1944 (75 J) today:

Religious text intended for distribution:

The influence of the parents, respectively,the reference person, in the first ten years, is crucial for a child. It is the basic embossing.And, unfortunately, the Government Council and the Department of Education are doing everything possible to NOT make the true religious facts known to the students (highlycontemptuous indoctrination of religiouslies).It would be extremely honest if he were to make the statements below known to the students and the populationin the way he thinks is right.

I look forward to the timely implementation of the verifiable and comprehensible facts presented here!IT must NOT BE BELIEVED!!!:

There is always talk of “freedom of religion”, but where they are actually COMPREHENSIBLE INDOKTRINATIONS in THE KINDHEIT,

and this depending on the culture into which one is born.

If we had been swapped as a baby in the hospital, we would probably believe a warlock or a shaman today, because the well-meaning parents taught us as in:

EU, South +North America: Christianity, Church of England, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Baptists, etc.

Turkey, Middle East, Philippines, etc.: Islam

Israel: Judaism

India: Hindu

Japan: Shintoism

Burma, Japan, Tibet, etc.: Buddhism, etc.

Some with billions of followers/believers.

There are more than three hundred main religions with over one hundred thousand different faith communities … and about half a million gods.Hundreds of thousands of prophets,gurus, priests, imams, rabbis, shamans, spiritual healers …

and contradict each other in almost all assumptions and beliefs!

And all of course come into their (believed)heavens!Which one exactly?

And everyone wants to have the only right with their casino religion tokens and get the main hit in the afterlife!!!In many cases, make excuses for all the wars produced!

And no one wants to have noticed that these are Pure Indoctrinations (depending on the country – then also state religion (Turkey > Islam with Sharia)).

And certain, ALLEGEDly educated individuals and politiciansstill believe in these highly contradictory stories(without comprehensible foundations – pure faith -) to explain the world.Embody pure power politics from the Middle Ages (nobility with the clergy)!

It is not “religious freedom” that is required, but

“Freedom from indoctrinated religions”

By the way: the alleged Jesus has NOT HAVE HAVE A WRITTEN!Was he writing lazy?

The historical failure of Yahweh: He has not succeeded in transforming the barren land of Israel into flourishing and fertile landscapes.The territory of later Israel was, before and after its arrival, a country characterized above all by barrenness and unfavourable climatic conditions. He has not greened the deserts and has not been able to prevent the droughts that have repeatedly affired the country. Israel, contrary to the

b i b l i s c h e n P r o p a g a n d a, never a country where “milk and honey flow”

Even more devastating is the result of the war god Yahweh.Despite grandiose speeches and embarrassing power in the Old Year, he did not protect his people, did not make them strong, and never helped him beyond his small importance in the opposite country to the great powers of Egypt and Babylonia. The gods of Mesopotamia and Egypt were always more successful than this provincial god Yahweh, who tried to impose his sole rule in small and insignificant Palestine, a corner of the Lord God. He did not help his people to stand up to the overpowering Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks and Romans.

He has stood idly by in israel’s political insignificance, has not opposed the occupation of the land he claims to have promised, he has not stood by the attempts to liberate its faithful in the uprisings against the Romans, who have not Dispersing of his people did not prevent, watched their persecution inactively.

Regarding Judaism, former President Golda Meier

(at a banquet on 10 June 1973 during the state visit of Chancellor Willy Brandt)

as follows:

Moses 40 years through the desert to take us to the only place in the Middle East

where there is no oil.” Chosen people?

After 3000 years of the history of Yahweh and his people, it must be allowed to draw the conclusion that this God has failed in its entirety.

This God has fought for his people as if he had never existed, as if his people had only imagined him!

Who is lying to whom here?The Bible or science??

Other monstrosities: Bible: The punishment for seducers for idolatry 5.Book of Moses, 13:

“Let us go and serve other gods!- who you do notknow, nor your fathers,


Also, your eye should not spare his, and SHOULD NOT HAVE HIS



Among the Islamists, according tothe Qur’an: “72 virgins and a house in paradise” the Muslims!Does it have 72x more women than men on this earth?

Also with this religion: What kind of image of women is conveyed to whom here?

Sure 4.89: “And when they turn away (from Islam), they grab and kill them wherever (always) you find them”.

What about the mental and physical(circumcisions) inviolability of our children? Not an issue?

Still more eye-catching inconsistencies: creation of our planet, orsolar system only about 6000 years old; Eva created from a rib of Adam. Which DNA is considered the origin? Homo sapiens, Neanderthals, Denisova or Homo naledi?

Absolutely no match of the Bible with the latest findings of evolution!

And one more thing: According to the Bible, the Heavenly Gate is under every title for women

denied , as well as the Men who are not circumcised and such, who deal with

Women “tainted”. Should a man overcome this not inconsiderable hurdleuntil the end of his

mastering life, even then “worldwide” ONLY 144,000 men will enter the finish line,

i.e. to heaven!

A Bible believer, of course, knows his statutes and knows that St. John

in his revelationthat only 144,000 men will go to heaven

to become.These are mainly due to the fact that they never “taint” themselves with women

(Offb 14,3-5):

“And they sang a new song before the throne (…) and no one could

Learning the song only the 144,000 who have been bought from the earth . These are the ones who deal with

women, because they are virgin.”

So giving up physically with women is still the biggest crime, the worst

Offense, before the Creation of Women by the Prayered Christian God.

This also reveals the obvious reason for celibacy.

Thus: So as an ordinary citizen/women or politician, there is no chance of a heavenly place!

The Bible is supposedly always right!And these people are not even ashamed of

their childishly indoctrinated conception of religionand feel in their religious communities,

even superior to other citizens (with other – or without – religion!

And then the same circles continue to complain in all seriousness that religions must also be

still respect! In the case of such killing saufuens? Sick in the brain?

How stupid and simplare does the Swiss Federal Commission against Racism (ECR)think of the citizen?

Why are the Bible and the Koran used with such texts – it has many more

not official, by state, banned ? Listen to the index clearly!

Does no one find this a totally perverse, abstruse worldview?

And then the believers in the Bible believenot only in rockets in heaven, but also in angels.

The priests then also to adevil, who is in all seriousness among the faithful in their

it is important to expel bodies!Proper Warlocks.Voodoo culture?? Man (and woman) amazed!

It should not be forgotten that in ALL HAUPT RELIGIONS THE WOMEN are obviously


And in the churches: who is there in the majority?Is there a masochistic gene?

Not a single women’s organization wants to have noticed to this daythat Bible faith and

equal pay is thus incompatible.Why is there no rebellion from these organisations?

against the Pope – against discrimination against women in religions? Instead, Parliament

for example, entrepreneurs when it comes to equal pay.But this against the (absurd) bible faiththat has grown over the centuries?!

Should the Swiss Parliamentnot, on the contrary, combat this original act?

Wikipedia: Please read: “Criminal History of Christianity”.It is the ten-volume

Main work of the writer and church critic K. Deschner.It describes in detail misconduct,

which are attributed to the various Christian churches.

And for all this, religious people “sacrifice” their own soul and their whole life!?


The Bible presents itself worse than the already indexed “Mein Kampf” and JESUS

out, as shown, as GREAT MAULIGER VERSAGER!

IT IS A GROBES MISSVERSTÄNDNIS and comprehensible under no title,


And this high-grade UNSINN is still believed by Swiss women!

Hard to “believe” in the Internet age, when all the information is available!

When will we finally stop CONSIDERING these religions?

Isn’t it the opposite of stopping these storytelling immediately?

No one owes respect to such manifest lies.

Every religion, really every religion, is fraudulent deception!Who will take it upon the people to BE INFORMED about this madness?



In this context, it is important to state clearly that both the Christian

Belief, as well as Islam (with the Koran) to be classified as a high-grade PLAGIATE

who have been cut off from the Jewish faith, with their own,


What are these two world religions chatteping, completely unfactual, therefore?

If we come up with plagiarism at Swiss customs, we are rightly fined.

What about highly distressed Christianity and Islam?

There is no title to explain why the facts are ignored, that

fundamental values that were and are constitutive of a modern constitutional state:

human rights, freedom of expression, science,

art, the democratic separation of powers, etc., by no means stems from Christianity, but,

that these in a bitter, centuries-long resistance struggle AGAINST, we repeat:

“GEGEN”, the claims to power of this religion had to be won.

These are NOT Christian values, but are due to EVOLUTIONARY HUMANISM.

With this knowledge: What could happen in place of these countless faith communities?

The Golden Rule is proposed:

“Treat others the way you want to be treated by them”= positive,

or, to sum up the various religious guidelines:

“Whatyou don’t want you to do is don’t do to anyone else”

Ethical ownership applies with the power of self-correction.

Most governments on this planet are too unwilling to follow this creed instead of propagated religions.

On the contrary, it also wants to train imams at state expense (with our taxpayers’ money)recently,

who continue to proclaim this absolute criminal reli nonsense.

This is a veritable SCANDAL and nobody is doing anything!!!!

Atheism is a sign that religions are taken seriously.

Probably not a day goes by when no one is killed somewhere in the name of agod.

Religious violence has to do with the claim to truth of a religion.

Especially when individual groups exclude others and religious faith

policy (DE: CDU, CSU; CH: CVP, EPP: A: CPÖ).

This is also done together with the religiously controlledmedia.History shows that.

In wars, the slogan “God with us” was and still is true for the faithful.

Based on the “holy” books, religious legitimation for violence, revenge and hatred!

Even within a religion, followers of different faiths fight each other.No question:

Violence can be justified religiously and is abused for powerinterests.

Even in some Buddhist texts there is a call for gun violence (between influential Buddhist monasteries with different orientations as well as between whole countries, including Japan in World War II (Zen Buddhism).

In all religions there is obviously a great potential for conflict with effective explosive power.Cain kills his brother Abel.

If people do not follow, they are threatened with their destruction: crusaders, inquisitions, witch-hunts, persecutionof Jews, and today ISIS.

All religions want to be right.Logic and common sense are being eliminated.

What do we really want to do with all the attacks in the name of Allah?

The politicians, together with the media, at least ideologize and polarize very topically: “Islam belongs to us!”.

Pure “unholy” religious alliance and everyone looks away!

Martin Luther, who is currently celebrated in all the media, declared, among other things, that “let the synagogues burn down and kill the Jewish rabbis”.All this was done even in the 20th century and no one seems to be ashamed of it from Bible circles. Simply unbelievable.

The villains and the evil ones are always the other faiths, respectively.the unbelievers and the atheists.

Has the Federal Council, the parliamentarians, the elites and, on the front lines, the media lost their minds and decency with regard to religions.Is it even more criminal and mentally stupid?

Do we in Europe, despite enlightenment, have a spiritual neglect of our society?

In our society, instead of these statutory (Bible, Koran, etc.) criminal faith communities, would not a clearer humanist thinking and action be demanded for a long time, which is appropriately conveyed in all European schools?

For the time being, the most urgent task is the consistent separation of religion and state.

In 2016, for example, Catholics in Switzerland not only took in around CHF 800 tax. You will also receive contributions from uninvolved AG’s, GmbH’s, and cooperatives that have absolutely nothing to do with religions, CHF 171 million. as well as subsidies from the public sector of CHF 92 million. Total over CHF1 billion

(over USD 1 trillion).

Other world religions are excluded from this and (correctly) do not receive a franc.

Self-determination is not only a matter of religion, but also of the EU (stick to nothing, ECB)

and the UN (the worst dictators are involved).

In many cases, TOTAL inhumane and against human dignity.

Saluez-moi le pape, la papesse et toute la papeterie !

1.1.19 ESt

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