Is God a Trinity?

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The Doctrine of the Trinity is primarily an invention of the Catholic Church; in both cases pagan emperors presided over the Councils (Nicaea 325 uZ and Constantinople 381 uZ).

In fact, more precisely: a slinging in this doctrine from the pagan religion.Egyptian Trinity: Horus, Isis, Osiris; Indian trinity: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.

In the second century.there was not yet a single Trinitarian; all apologists and Apostolic Fathers taught the subordination of Jesus and the Father.

Who knows best?Jesus Himself; his statements:


He testifies that he is a creature, and that is the first.



He testifies that he is not almighty

John 5/30


He testifies that he is not omniscient



He testifies that the Father is superior to him

John 14/28 John 17/3


Therefore, if he wants to work a miracle, he asks the Father for permission

John 11/41,42


He testifies that the Holy Spirit comes only from the Father, and not from him.

John 15/26


He knows that according to Job 38/7 morning stars are symbols for angels and describes himself as the radiant morning star.



He testifies that it is only after his sacrificial death sat down at the right hand of God.


(John 10:34,35)

He makes it clear from his speech that he a god in the sense of those who are called in Ps.82- that is, a creature god, but the Highest.

Statements of the Bible


When Christ comes with the voice of an archangel (of which there is only one in the Bible, Michael).then he is the archangel.


1.Thess. 4:16 (NW)


The Teu.fel, who was together with him in heaven for the foreseeable future, knows that he is a seductive creature.


He is therefore not part of a Trinitarian God; this idea was invented in the fourth century under the chairmanship of pagan emperors at two councils

(Nizäa 325 uZ and 381 uZ )

I think I still have a guilt to pay

Evolution Part 2

What is the probability that within millions of years a female and a male appeared at the same time, and then continue the multiplication of humanity by geliche Unification?

Finds a real evolution, from one species to another?If not, why did she stop?

In order to prove the aff.en theory, forgery was carried out, as in the case of the Piltown man, where monkey and human bones were put together.

an interesting finding by a scientist:

Cod.information (DNA) is a mental, non-material quantity and therefore ALWAYS needs an intelligent transmitter/author and can never come from dead matter!

The DNA contains trillions of information!

The fact is that every culture begins religiously; and this is proof that a creation has taken place.Lt. biblical chronology, mankind turned 6,000 years old in 1975. There is no written document that would be older. The oldest font is the summery cuneiform script.

possibly invisible graphics!

Analysis of the book “The Origin of Species” by Charles Darwin

Mr Darwin admits that he cannot find the transitional forms he needs to support his theory.It is therefore interesting which thought constructions come to mind why this can be the case.

his statement

Any new form that is less perfect compared to the already existing one will be spoiled. and err.tiled; therefore the feh.lenden transitional forms; how did Darwin “solve” the problem of feudal forms on paper?I suppose – in order to continue to spi.nnen the thought – the worn-out forms are then not on the seabed, but they are fed by the higher-wired ones. What you can prove on paper

see here to: Lecture by Joachim Zillmer: the Ir.rtümer of the earth’s history

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