Is Germany still a state governed by the rule of law, a democracy, or just an illusion of it?

Here only my personal, subjective feeling flows in, because it would be impossible to answer this question truthfully, or even purely objectively, due to the lack of facts.As is so often the case, the truth is completely hidden or in twilight.

In my view, Germany is NO longer a state governed by the rule of law.There is far too much arbitrariness, far too many legal loopholes, which are only too well known to certain elements. Too many lawyers who prefer to specialize in directing them through these loopholes. Politicians break and bend laws as they fit in, and their constituents interpret laws at will to ensure that they correspond to what they imagine under the truth. For many current problems, there are not even laws. So no, in my view we do not have a constitutional state, but an arbitrary state.

We are still democratic on paper.But the reality of this democracy is an illusion. Everyone rushes against everyone, left against right, right against left, center against left, left against center and center against right, etc. because each party thinks to know the only valid truth.

I openly admit it, I am TERRIBLy disappointed with what Germany has become.To a safe haven for criminals, religious fanatics and radical elements with red or left political leanings under the protection of the government. We have strongly partisan media that report purely subjectively and no longer have any neutrality. Compulsory levies (GEZ) for the media are used on most channels for propaganda purposes, for which the Greens are strongly favoured. Few broadcasters have a program that is worth tracking (except for news) (NDR/MDR/BR) and also only as far as most documentaries and occasional knowledge quizs are concerned.

In the last few days in particular, I have been looking at what the political fabric is all about across Europe.Everywhere so-called “right-wing radical” parties are either in power or on the best way to get there. IN This country, neither in politics nor in most voters of the CDU/Greens/SPD/LINKE, there is no insight, or at least questioning one’s own attitude. It is certainly not Russia’s fault for all this. Just as little as the US. It is, at least in my opinion, the only one that is the single-handed policy of Merkel and, now also, Macron. The latter, of course, gets the opinion of his compatriots. The French are born revolutionaries. We Germans have been trained to do this and most of them slacken and wag after the little woman quite nicely.

I’m not going to start writing again that Germany’s economy is in the bucket.Economic growth last year was catastrophic. Interestingly, the pro-government opinion media are pricing in a surplus. Germany has the 2nd highest tax rate worldwide. Germany also has at least 1/3 pensioners living below the poverty line. In terms of education, there is a standstill, as in some cases up to 90% of the pupils either cannot be GAR German or are even illiterate. I am not going to go into all the crime statistics of the DPolG. Nor does anti-Semitism, especially in schools, once again celebrate booming activity. Nor do I go to demonising a particular democratically elected party wherever possible, just as the voters of that party did a while ago.

But what problems does politics have?Women’s quotas (unconstitutional, by the way), the gendering, climate change (the climate has changed for billions of years, we just have the bad luck that we are the generation that after millennia one experience. Point.), gender studies, political correctness, oh and not to forget, Nazis ph枚ous and everything is Nazi which is not left-wing liberal.

But getting someone to wake up would be a waste of time.And so it goes on, back and forth. Everyone accuses everyone, they block each other, Nazi here, Nazi there, leftists here, leftists there and those who supposedly represent us politically, are still doing what they want. Genetically corn from America – it doesn’t work thanks to Trump – that’s why we get it from Canada. Leave millions of immigrants in every year, at least two-thirds of whom rip up the welfare state. Criminal gangs from Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe can operate freely, as they are never caught and if they are caught, they have no punishment to fear. Controlling the Internet with Article 13? Hardly anyone has heard of it. A woman is raped? First a concert against the right. A German citizen is murdered? #Einzellfall … oh and a concert against the right. Vllt. even a demo.

Who is a good little dog?Exactly.

I slowly feel like I’m in a mix of Morton Rhue’s book “The Wave” and the film Idiocracy.Since I myself am very sarcastic and stand on black humour, it would really be to laugh if one were not so much affected by this social upheaval. Too bad actually. Germany was once a country to look up to, of which one could be proud, whether in the achievements, in classical music, in literature, philosophy, science. Today, a zero number that still basks in the splendour of old times. But I guess that’s how it is when socialism (Communism Light) rips a country.

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