Is Germany dumbing down socially?

Not only Germany is dumbing down, but every country with a – more or less – socialist government.why?

Well, what kind of behaviour does the socialist-style welfare state promote?

For women with low education, it pays to have a particularly large number of children, as the child benefit, together with Harz4, is considerably higher than what these women could earn in the free labour market.

For women with a high level of education, children do not pay off, quite the contrary.Child benefit would be much lower than the high salary these women receive in the free labour market. This leads to the fact that it is precisely the most intelligent who have children. Many career women – and these are the smartest – have no children at all. And even if they have children, then usually only one after the age of 35.

So over several generations, the stupid are becoming more and more and the intelligent less and less.

The fact that Germany also “imports” a large number of people from non-educational strata from countries that are not exactly known for their intellectual brilliance further aggravates this tendency.The fact that these very people are multiplying particularly strongly should not come as a surprise: yes, many children are a great business model in order to be able to work in relative prosperity (in gigantic prosperity in relation to the level of their home countries) at the expense of the general public. to be able to live. And their religion still strengthens them.

So it is no surprise, and certainly not our – admittedly not exactly exemplary – education system that we are getting worse and worse in the Pisa tests.

In the meantime, society has already excluded “determined” people who want to make something out of their lives.This starts at school, where the most intelligent suffer most from the oppression of the stupid, and ends in the programmes of public-law television, where the intelligent, the strife, the entrepreneurs, almost always the “evil” and the poor, in society, criminals who are almost always the “good ones”.

Since the less educated always elect the parties that promise them the most money, with the least self-performance, and in a democracy, the majority, no matter how stupid, is in charge, this trend will not only continue, but intensify.

Thirty years ago, I predicted in a newspaper article that Taiwan (then still a developing country) would overtake us economically.At that time, this view was still laughed at, but today, unfortunately, the time has come. And it will not take another 30 years for China to pass Germany economically (in terms of GDP/inhabitant).

By the end of this century, Germany will be at the level of economic, social and educational terms at which Turkey is today.

And we can’t do anything (any more) about it.

My tip, therefore, to all intelligent people who still have children here: See that your children are taking advantage of the German free education system as best they can and motivate them to emigrate after graduation.

This country no longer offers a desirable future for intelligent, hard-working people.

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